Wife beaters and the prairie muffins who love them.

07 Aug

This is most instructive: Douglas Wilson likes to pose as a reactionary, e.g. defending the Confederacy, pretending to oppose feminism, but then he employs a term for very traditionalist rural Christian women who dress very modestly and traditionally in a disparaging fashion, similar to how feminists invoke ‘Stepford wives’. IOW, he reveals himself as the feminist he is.


Pastor Wilson has a response of sorts up to some of my recent posts.

In the meantime, my original 21 theses had apparently been responded to here, which I just now read in the writing of this post, and I am afraid my response to the corporal punishment aficionados was taken as an assertion on my part that any disagreement with me from my right must be coming from wife beaters. Such poisoning the well would be a bad thing, and so for any readers who were disappointed in what they considered charitably to be uncharacteristic squid ink, please know that I did not do this thing. I was not responding to any possible conservative critic in that second post. I was responding a particular problem in my own comment thread.

While it is true the only conservative critics Wilson acknowledged in And Now a Brief Word for the…

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