Consummating the revolution

07 May

In the vein of this post, found the following at TLD; no dedicated URL for it, so I’m reposting it in its entirety here:

Let us consummate the revolution! [Guest opinion.] I am a nice-looking, youngish high-school teacher (of English, if you must know), and almost every year at least one underage girl will make it clear to me that she would like to have sex with me. Or would like to do whatever this generation says isn’t sex, but which my father’s generation thought was.

I always turn these sweet offers down. I am not eager to lose my job and never be able to work in any school system again except in Thailand. I am not eager to lose my family. I am not eager to go to prison. I am not eager to spend my golden years with neighbors who are warned that a sex-criminal crouches slavering in their midst. And I am not eager to be questioned every time there’s an AMBER Alert.

But I do wonder … I am forbidden by law to enjoy the company of these girls in ways that would be — well, at least not illegal — in just a few short years. This strikes me as age-discrimination. And not only that, but I am required by law to engage in age-discrimination.

The girls are encouraged by law to engage in age-discrimination, since they may cavort freely with lads their own age who may be just using them for rough exploratory purposes, whereas I am gentle and experienced. They are deemed wise enough and mature enough to choose young partners, and (unbeknownst to their parents) to obtain medications and devices to support their cavorting, as well as (also unbeknownst to their parents) surgeries should the medications or devices fail or be left forgotten at a girlfriend’s home. But the law wishes them to discriminate against me. Solely on the basis of their age, they are deemed not to be wise enough or mature enough to cavort with me.

Surely, this is a situation that cannot long endure in our discrimination-sensitive age. Love equality will surely make its force felt soon. Perhaps someone from the Cato Institute will take the lead. None of us is getting any younger. [Arnold Zeck]  Ω

Spot on, and funny. The laws regarding age of consent are not reason-based but purely emotion-based.


6 responses to “Consummating the revolution

  1. Dave

    May 8, 2017 at 1:11 am

    In the old day fathers, backed by the state, had authority over their daughters and guided them into marriage with suitable men. This system had to go because “sexism”, but what to replace it with? Thus our retarded age-of-consent laws.

    Fact is, 40-year-old women are only slightly more able to “consent” to sex than nine-year-old girls. Females never evolved the ability to choose a mate because this choice was always made for them. “Game” is a set of tools for men to exploit this faulty female firmware, getting her legs open with minimal investment on his part. “Rape” is what she accuses him of when she realizes she’s been played, and “laugh” is what the police do when they see his videos of her being “raped”.

    • Will S.

      May 8, 2017 at 7:56 am

      Yep. 🙂

      • infowarrior1

        May 8, 2017 at 8:54 am

        What he said.There is a high correlation between teenage pregnancy and single motherhood after all and all the other problems that come with coming from a fatherless home as well as poor health outcomes that result which is a consequence of being poor and poorly nourished.

        Although the motives of those who sought to raise the age of consent isn’t so pure. Otherwise would would have just made it illegal outside of marriage at among teenagers to clamp down on irresponsible bad boys leaving single moms in their wake.

      • Dave

        May 9, 2017 at 12:21 am

        Info, it’s futile to “clamp down on irresponsible bad boys” because one will always slip through the net and impregnate all the girls who are DTF. Nor would it help to abolish EBT cards and Section 8 housing; females do not respond to incentives because their minds cannot connect present actions to future consequences.

        The only solution is for each female to be always closely watched by her parents until marriage, and by her husband’s older female relatives after that, so that any temptation to stray is summarily cock-blocked by women who don’t want to get cucked.


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