Science today

31 Mar

Modern science is non-science

I’ve been saying this for years, simply on the basis of informed observation. But now there is hard evidence that nearly all – not just most – modern “science” is, in truth, literally nothing of the kind:

Fewer than 1 percent of papers published in scientific journals follow the scientific method, according to research by Wharton School professor and forecasting expert J. Scott Armstrong. Professor Armstrong, who co-founded the peer-reviewed Journal of Forecasting in 1982 and the International Journal of Forecasting in 1985, made the claim in a presentation about what he considers to be “alarmism” from forecasters over man-made climate change.

“We also go through journals and rate how well they conform to the scientific method. I used to think that maybe 10 percent of papers in my field … were maybe useful. Now it looks like maybe, one tenth of one percent follow the scientific method” said Armstrong in his presentation, which can be watched in full below. “People just don’t do it.”

Armstrong defined eight criteria for compliance with the scientific method, including full disclosure of methods, data, and other reliable information, conclusions that are consistent with the evidence, valid and simple methods, and valid and reliable data.

Science, like so many other institutions across the West, has been converged. And, as per the Impossibility of Social Justice Convergence, it has lost its ability to perform its primary function.

And engineering may not remain engineering, if the SJWs have their way



6 responses to “Science today

  1. Johannes Factotum

    March 31, 2017 at 5:09 am

    Yeah, dressing up bullshit with fake legitimacy. The public is finally waking up.

    • Will S.

      April 1, 2017 at 1:13 am

      And not a moment too soon…

  2. feeriker

    April 1, 2017 at 6:10 pm

    The silver lining to this dark clud:

    1. Academia has obliterated its own credibility, and continues to poison and salt over the ground it once stood on with eager abandon (picture, as a metaphorical example, someone who claims to be part of the gentile cultural “upper crust,” but who makes a hobby out of defecating in public, yet still expects –demands– that people take them seriously as what they fantasize about being).

    2. Because of number one above, serious students of STEM who want to put their knowledge to productive use will avoid the frauds called universities and will hone their knowledge on their own (a couple of STEM geeks named Edison and Tesla [you may have heard of them] did exactly that and went on to make a few rather noteworthy contributions to the field).

    3. The natural laws that are the basis of STEM are immutable and, to put it most bluntly, don’t give a flying fuck about human SJW-ism and are not going to change because said human SJWs are offended by them. It will be DELICIOUSLY ENTERTAINING to watch the SJW sub-population run up against this unpleasant fact.

    4. The last sentence of number 3 has some very unpleasant implications for the future of humanity, but since humanity has never, EVER learned anything until it has gotren collectively ass-raped by the fallout from its own reckless stupidity (and often not even then), there’s no other way to correct course again, if that will even be possible.

    • Will S.

      April 2, 2017 at 7:56 pm

      It will be interesting, amusing, horrifying, and dismaying to behold how this all plays out.


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