Are women naturally good?

07 Jan

I notice that the FOTF graphic (a) doesn’t quote Scripture or a catechism, and (b) focuses not on wifely duty but rather on her ‘feelings’, as if wives only have to do what makes them comfortable, rather than what God commands them to do, regardless of the circumstances.

Just like Mark Driscoll, it only matters to FOTF that men be moral and obedient to the Scriptures; how women behave doesn’t matter to them.

Shows how wicked and unfaithful Driscoll, FOTF, and many similar evanjellyfish, churchian leaders are. They ought to be shunned.


Man helping a woman with proper handgun marksmanship Man helping a woman with proper handgun marksmanship

Disclaimer: This post doesn’t apply to married women.

There is a common theme among pastors and church leaders that the Bible only applies to men, and women are justified in disregarding it because anything they do that is wrong or that backfires can be blamed on men.

For example, here’s Mark Driscoll explaining how men are to blame for single motherhood:

Part of it is the unintended consequences of divorce. Forty percent of kids go to bed at night without a father. Not to be disparaging toward single moms, but if you’re a single mom and you’re working 60 hours a week, and you’ve got a boy, and he’s home all by himself with no parents and no dad, he’s just going to be hanging out with his buddies, feeding himself pizza rolls.

The number one consumer of online pornography is 12-…

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4 responses to “Are women naturally good?

  1. feeriker

    January 9, 2017 at 7:26 pm

    GOOD = “Grossly, Obnoxiously Over-Dramatic (or “Demanding”)”

    Yes, women are indeed naturally “good.”


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