The Return of the Archons

17 Dec

I have long loved this episode of Star Trek, and for some time now have been thinking the exact same thing: that political correctness and progressive ideology have replicated this world in our own. They talk about ‘peace’ and ‘tranquility’, but their peace is violent against those outside of their mind-control cult, and likewise their tranquility is also only with regard to their fellow brainwashed.

No doubt the zealous humanist Roddenberry intended to knock Christianity with the ‘body’ references and the priest/monk-like garments, but in spite of that, it’s still an unfortunately prophetic episode, highly prescient.

The Orthosphere

An excellent parable for our time. In this episode of Star Trek, an inhuman machine using machine logic forces a people into compliance with its picture of a conflict-free world – achieved Grand Inquisitor style by suppressing free will. All are incorporated or “absorbed” into “the Body.” “Are you with the Body?” asks Bones after he is absorbed. Spock objects that without creativity, our humanity is lost. He could have added that without free will, love and goodness are lost. At one point in the episode, the robot-like people grab implements or handy pieces of wood that happen to be lying about after a kind of frenzied Dionysian revelry the night before that seems to be designed as a kind of release valve, and begin to stalk the “Archons” – the Enterprise core members, in the manner of a sinister, zombie lynch mob.

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