Teacher fired for stating pro-life views that “triggered” pro-abortion student

14 Dec

I was going to comment on this myself.

Never apologize; it does no good. Be fearless and bold; let them fire you on your feet, not on your knees…

As for us trads, esp. trad Christians, we now know what the administration of Fraser Academy think of our kind of worldview, compared to that of our prog enemies. Let us act accordingly, and not send our children there; surely there are Christian and/or other private schools more worthy. Buycott, not boycott; emphasize other, positive choices you have, and choose wisely. Vote with your dollars.


Women are more liberal on abortion than men Women are more liberal on abortion than men

Wow, this is like my worst nightmare of what a liberal co-worker could do to me, if I ever expressed my views directly.

Canada’s national newspaper, the National Post, reports:

A teacher at a posh private school in British Columbia was fired last month after making an innocuous comment about abortion to his Grade 12 law class.

[…]The 44-year-old teacher, who has asked that he not be identified to protect what’s left of his career, was teaching “the criminal law unit, a lesson on vice, ethics, morality and the law” to his small class in the Vancouver-area school in late November.“I was working my way through examples of how some people’s sense of personal ethics was more liberal than the letter of the law,” he said in an email.

For example, he told them, many people might roll through a stop…

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6 responses to “Teacher fired for stating pro-life views that “triggered” pro-abortion student

  1. Carnivore

    December 14, 2016 at 8:14 am

    “Women are more liberal on abortion than men.”

    This. One thing I’ve found with conservative, anti-abortion types is extreme White Knighting, along the lines of – abortion exists because men want sex without consequences and force their women to have abortions. Without men’s influence, women would never harm their babies.

    If a man accompanies his women to an abortion clinic, he will be protective of her when confronted with anti-abortion demonstrators. That doesn’t mean he’s necessarily the one who got the “bright” idea to get an abortion.

    Historically, strong, Christian, patriarchal nations were very protective of pregnant women and the babies they carried. Feminization of society and its men has resulted in the abortion plague. The anti-abortion White Knighting sits on the “women are holier than men” foundation.

    • Will S.

      December 14, 2016 at 12:04 pm

      Hear, hear! I’ve noticed that too. Remember how upset official Pro-Life Movement (TM) types were when Trump said that women should be punished if they abort? White-knighters, all. Useless.

  2. feeriker

    December 15, 2016 at 2:53 am

    This unfortunate man offers yet another example of what happens when men disregard and violate what should by now be an iron-clad law based on what used to be called “common sense:”

    Never, EVER teach in a formal setting, especially not classes that are mixed sex.

    1. Being male automatically paints a target on him.
    2. Based on point #1, he can do or say no right.
    3. Imparting knowledge to today’s generations of “students” is, with precious few exceptions, an act of casting pearls before swine. They are utterly unworthy of his time, effort, or attention.
    4. Any man talented, knowledgeable, and wise enough to teach should not waste himself on today’s “schools,” public or private. They are, with the rarest of exceptions, nothing but prog indoctrination centers that will destroy him along with the prisoners he is put in charge of.

    I really hope that this gentleman can re-enter the private sector and do something productive and profitable with himself (an estrogen-free environment would be a big plus). Let that “school” that fired him, along with the pathetic excuse for humanity that was “offended” by his statements, go straight to hell.


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