Ottawa valedictorian, cheerleader-turned teen pimp arrested in crack bust

28 Sep

One of the ‘morally superior’ sex, according to Victorians and modern-day churchianity, and other pedestalizers.

One of Ottawa’s notorious teen pimps jailed last year for her role in a ring that beat, drugged and forced girls as young as 13 into prostitution is in trouble with the law again.

The girl, described by jailers as a model inmate who made a “180-degree turn”, has been arrested on two counts of crack-cocaine trafficking and one count of proceeds of crime.

The girl, now 18, was released from youth jail in 2014 after serving seven months for her part in what a judge called a vile enterprise. She was sentenced to three years but after being credited for pre-sentence time served, she served only seven months.

The girl, a one-time class valedictorian and cheerleader, told her probation officer that she wanted to go to university upon release and had a healthy RESP to pay for it. In youth jail, the girl made school a priority and started getting 80s again.

One youth jail teacher reported that the teen pimp was a “pleasure to have in the classroom.” The girl took at least 16 programs in jail, from financial literacy to anger management. Her probation officer reported that she had “significantly matured,” according to 2014 court filings.

A jail official said she showed compassion and leadership. In his glowing account, the youth jail official described the teen pimp and child pornographer as “helpful, thoughtful, engaging, extremely intelligent, and someone who makes friends fast. He also mentioned the convict’s great sense of humour and “infectious smile.”

He went on to say she was an asset to youth-jail programs, and reported that staff continually recognized her as caring and supportive. In another fawning account, a male jail official reported that she was “rounding out to be a very nice young lady.”

No matter how much her jailers thought of her during her time in jail, she couldn’t stand it and described it as “horrible” in a pre-sentence report. She told authorities she didn’t like jailers “controlling every aspect of your life” and complained that she didn’t have any friends inside.

The convicted teen pimp, now facing charges of selling crack-cocaine, told her jailers that she had nothing in common with her fellow inmates, describing them “as drug addicts from the North.”

She said she found it interesting to talk to them but that their experiences with hard drugs sounded “scary” and she couldn’t relate. The girl, who pleaded guilty to prostitution recruiting charges, luring and child pornography, was arrested on drug trafficking charges in August and is scheduled to appear in court on her fresh charges in October.

Her release in 2014 was supported by a probation officer who said she would benefit from a structured life, plus counselling for an “adequate time period.”

At the trial, court heard that one of the teenage girls thought about killing herself and another left town because she didn’t feel safe in Ottawa, where she was beaten, drugged and forced to have sex with johns. The mother of one victim said the crimes “changed our lives forever.”

She told court at the teen pimp’s sentencing that her daughter was too afraid to go to school, and felt “worthless and disgusting.”

Amazing how so many people were fooled by her, eh?

She made two ‘180 degree turns’, instead of only one, alas…


4 responses to “Ottawa valedictorian, cheerleader-turned teen pimp arrested in crack bust

  1. Lucius Somesuch

    September 28, 2015 at 11:58 pm

    What an EXTREMELY peculiar piece! Two impertinent lines of question keep stirring in my brain:

    1) The extraordinary cognitive dissonance in all these glowing accounts from her would-be reformers. Now, everything else aside, this language of delight followed by disillusionment might be tragically believable if only this Jane Doe hailed from circumstances as superficially squalid as her deeds. But they speak with surprised alacrity about her sudden interest in studies, responsibility, sociability, when the young criminal was already a VALEDICTORIAN and a CHEERLEADER, thus showing she already had the necessary blessings in brains and popularity to walk the Straight & Narrow with (one might imagine) ease.

    But no! From this vaunted preeminence of teenage success she already had declined to drugs, blackmail, and pimping. Why on earth, then, do they act so pleasantly surprised that the young miscreant can groom herself and complete coursework, only to find themselves so shamefully surprised in turn when the young prodigy turns to recidivism, when this whole dynamic had already been established by the courts when they turned the little bitch over to their authority IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?

    –Of course, the fact they’re all having such trouble concealing the cucumbers in their pants perhaps has something to offer by way of explanation for all this purple prose they’re dribbling all over the floor.

    2) What kind of school was this anyway? Because sinful as we are, I’m having trouble wrapping my head around this “valedictorian” business. Is the girl, ahem, ethnic? Or was the school sufficiently majority-ethnic as to allow her an easy sail to valedictorianhood?

    I was shocked to discover, recently, from an old newspaper clipping my mom had kept, that I and our valedictorian were the only two from my hs class to make National Merit certification. I don’t even remember my SAT scores; and while it’s true my quant then probably wasn’t as dismal as my GRE quant (when I hadn’t looked at math since hs at that point), I’m still stunned that I was the ONLY other one on there. Even if I am, ahem, a genius. But c’mon, the salutatorian was a dot-Indian who worked her butt off.

    I’m rambling, and frankly too sleepy all of a sudden even to work out my own logic, but what I mean is– you would think a valedictorian, even one made out of Pure Evil, would have the sense to hold her fire from felony until she gets ahold of a hedge fund or something, not start pimping out the JV cheerleading squad or whatever she did. Sounds to me like her school must be a shallow pond, for this cretin to make such a big fish there.

  2. Will S.

    September 29, 2015 at 2:07 am

    Yeah, I don’t know what to think, either. I do know that cops always say, in a prison riot, watch the one sitting quietly in his / her bunk, because he / she is the ringleader, causing chaos all around him / her but not partaking in it him / her self. I think we see this at work here, too.


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