Valor knows no gender

27 Sep

Typical evanjellyfish…


The Kendrick brothers are masters of the head fake. In Fireproof they ended the film with the surprise revelation that the original Love Dare was done by a woman!  We learn that Caleb’s mother submitted to her husband, and that Caleb’s father was won over without a word by his wife’s respectful and pure conduct.  This plot twist is pointed to by defenders of the film as proof that the moral of the movie (saving your marriage through submission) is gender neutral.  In theory, they explain, submission in marriage could apply to wives as well.  What the defenders miss is that this surprise plot twist is the Kendrick brothers being astonishingly open that they have inverted Scripture.

I have not yet seen the movie War Room, but the defenders of the latest Kendrick brothers movie are pointing to a similar headfake.  War room they argue is really the Kendrick brothers…

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