Real men don’t hold purses–unless their wife tells them to.

01 May

I have been following the related convo on Dalrock’s previous post (which inspired this one) with interest, since the Gospel Coalition who are promoting this post are mostly Reformed and Reformed Baptists, many of them prominent in the North American scene. I’m dismayed to see them getting behind this, but I’m not surprised, given what Doug Wilson and Mark Driscoll and their ilk have been like, in promoting Blue Pill churchianity… All too typical these days, alas…


Barnabas pointed out a sermon by Pastor Jason Meyer titled Fooled by False Leadership.  In the sermon Paster Meyer offers an example of “Servant Leadership”, a modern Christian term numerous readers have asked for a definition of.  I would say this example pretty much sums it up:

Showing his embarrassment is a way to show that this is not what he is comfortable doing. It is a little bit like when your wife asks you to carry her purse. There is no manly way to carry a purse. If you sling it on your shoulder, you show that you are a little too comfortable with it. But you can’t refuse because you really want to serve your wife and help her out. So you carry the purse in a way that shows your discomfort. You hold it by scrunching the handle and holding it out several inches from your body—just…

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4 responses to “Real men don’t hold purses–unless their wife tells them to.

  1. Take The Red Pill

    May 6, 2015 at 6:34 pm

    Nowadays, Real Men don’t marry — because they know better.

  2. Will S.

    May 6, 2015 at 6:38 pm



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