On Race and Culture

21 Aug

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On race, about all I can say is that no law or action by anyone else can make black people wealthy, successful, loved, or part of intact families. Black people can only do those things for themselves. The more they wait around for someone else to do it for them, the longer they’ll stay where they’re at.

Read Thomas Sowell on Race & Culture.

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True, but it appears some folks cannot collectively get their stuff together; there are First World white countries and First World East Asian countries, but there are no First World countries with majority populations of any other races other than white or East Asian, and that’s simply a fact.

Take East Indians, for instance; the race to which my mother belongs (though she was born outside of the Indian subcontinent). Like the Chinese, wherever they have gone in the world they have tended to prosper – BUT in their own countries (not just India, but Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka as well), despite the rising middle class in India, despite the many advances in that country, none of their countries have been able to shake the high levels of poverty and human wretchedness still endemic in South Asia, and they all remain Third World countries, and probably always will, along with the Latin American (other than Argentina and Uruguay, which are mostly white, and reasonably well off), West Indian, African (South Africa has sunk since the end of white rule), and Southeast Asian countries (other than Singapore and Brunei, two small city-states, basically, one with oil wealth; the other with a ruling Chinese class).

That’s just the way it is. And the only successful Caucasian countries of non-European origins are a few small Arabian states with great oil wealth, and often many Indian subcontinent and Filipino guest workers doing most of the labour. (Israel doesn’t count, as its ruling class is mostly of European Jewish descent, and as such, they’ve managed to create a First World country in the Middle East quite easily and understandably, though with substantial help from outside, mind you.)

Biology seems to be destiny, even though culture plays a role.

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