What Is a Woman? The dispute between radical feminism and transgenderism

07 Aug

Michelle Goldberg at the New Yorker has an interesting piece, linked below by anarchist Keith Preston (just click on her name to go to directly to it), on radfems vs. male-to-‘female’ trans. This is one of the few situations that can make me feel any sympathy for radfems, because at least they really are women, even if obnoxious bitches, unlike the men who merely pretend to be women after having their dicks and balls lobbed off, and some plastic surgeon manufacture a non-lubricating ‘vagina’ for them. I’ll view them as women when they have a working uterus and ovaries and lubricating vagina… (Hat tip: oogenhand)

Attack the System

Look for the various contentious issues involving gender identity and sexual orientation to become a major source of conflict on the Left in the future. The key issue for pan-secessionists is to figure out how to siphon libertarian and anti-establishment leaning feminists, gays, transgenders, and other sexual/gender minorities away from the PC statist coalition, thereby dividing and weakening the ranks of the state-centric Left, while simultaneously organizing various categories of socially conservative population into the wider pan-radical alliance. Geography is likely to be the key issue. We organize rural and small town white, conservative Christians around anti-PC and anti-big government issues, and we organize socially conservative minorities, immigrants, etc. in the large cities along side sexual and gender minorities by emphasizing class issues and resistance to the police state.

By Michelle Goldberg

The New Yorker

On May 24th, a few dozen people gathered in a conference room at the Central…

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