Is being homosexual like being black?

15 Jul

Scott Clark explains why not, contra the masses of idiots out there who think otherwise.

Homosexuality is one thing, an ethnic group, or a racial designation is something else. The fundamental basis for thinking that race and sexuality are analogous is the assumption that both are equally natural, that neither is a choice.

Some human characteristics are changeable and some are fixed. It is evident that no one chooses to be Caucasian, Asian, or African. No one can change his racial heritage. It just is. He can announce to the world that he identifies with or as another racial classification but that doesn’t change what he actually is. Cultural characteristics, habits, and practices are quite different. One may be born into one culture and by choice and decision change one’s cultural identification, characteristics, and habits. A Frenchman can decide to give up his language and adopt English instead. He can give up French cuisine for German. He may study to become aware of prevailing French assumptions and habits about work and leisure and adopt prevailing Nigerian instead. Voluntarily changing outlook, habits, and practices, however, does not change one’s racial heritage.

The prophet Jeremiah (13:23) asks rhetorically,

Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots?


What is it when million of otherwise rational people believe something to be true that is either uncertain or completely false? It’s a mass social delusion. It happens.


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2 responses to “Is being homosexual like being black?

  1. electricangel

    July 15, 2014 at 10:23 am

    Well, you can still have fun with this, Will. You need to accept that some homosexuals are born that way. Most fit on a continuum of behavior, and in a society that frowned on homosexual behavior and taught sexual restraint, they would be heterosexual acting and thinking. In our society, I would bet a lot of 60% hetero 40% homo go homo for the SWPL status points. And for the fact that there is no chance that they will find a loving wife, given that at lest 20%’of women are promiscuous.

    But gay: that is definitely a choice, to align with a subculture or even now culture. If you want to snap a Progressive’s head, tell him you are “pro-homosexual and anti-gay.” Then explain that gay is a culture and a choice, and you don’t support any group setting up its own separate culture as it is a violation of multiculturalism.

    As to “pro-homosexual?” You and I were not born with hat burden from God, and will pray for those whose temptations lie in those regions.

  2. Will S.

    July 15, 2014 at 10:33 am

    EA, I certainly agree that one can’t help one’s orientation; at least, not easily (there are some Christian ministries that claim to cure homosexual orientations, but there are other orthodox ex-homosexual-lifestyle ministries that dispute that, and say the orientation remains; I don’t know).

    But indeed, one can help one’s lifestyle choices, and one’s group affiliations.

    In the manosphere, there are non-gay homosexuals like Jack Donovan, who labels himself ‘androphile’ rather than gay, because he rejects gay identity politics.

    I know a guy in real life who’s similar. I know some guys who will identify as gay amongst close friends and real life acquaintances, but online, are closeted.

    Real life is more complicated than PC ideologues make it seem…

    I certainly am grateful I don’t have those particular temptations; I have enough of my own other ones to deal with…


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