Gluttony kills

09 Jul

A guy in South Dakota choked to death in a hot-dog eating contest.

What should have been a fun way to kick off the Fourth of July weekend quickly turned tragic for a Custer man who choked to death while trying to speedily eat hot dogs during a competitive eating contest.

The crowd at Way Park in Custer, just across from the county courthouse, was stunned Thursday afternoon when one of six contestants — Walter Eagle Tail, 47 — began to choke while trying to win the contest.

Paramedics who swiftly were called to his side tried in vain to save him. Eagle Tail was transported by ambulance to Custer Regional Hospital, where he died, authorities said.

‘Fun’, right? They always market these gluttony contests as good, clean, wholesome fun for the whole family.

Till someone croaks…

He’s not the only one to die in these:

Deaths during competitive eating contests have happened in the past. According to various web sites, a Romanian man choked to death during a sausage-eating contest in 2013 in that country, and in 2012, a Florida man choked to death after eating dozens of live cockroaches during a contest.

In 2008, a Taiwanese student died after hurriedly eating at least two rice and cheese buns during a competition. And a 2007 case led to radio station employees in California being fired after a water-drinking competition for a Nintendo Wii ended in the winner’s death.

Gluttony is a sin. It can also be deadly (in more ways than one)…

*Update: I previously linked this at my now defunct blog Will S.’ Miscellany:

Gluttony and porneia.



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3 responses to “Gluttony kills

  1. Sanne

    July 9, 2014 at 1:27 pm

    What a way to die…

    • Will S.

      July 9, 2014 at 3:39 pm

      I know; how embarrassing and sad…


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