On Lawkeeping and Lawbreaking

17 Jun

Hear, hear! (Doug Phillips; ick…)

On Lawkeeping and Lawbreaking

by Erik Charter

Erik Charter

Posted June 17, 2014 at 6:43 pm | Permalink

By all means teach the Law. Christians need to know right from wrong. Hopefully when they hear the law they realize that they fail to keep it and look to Christ for help.

The problem comes when Christians who major on the Law inevitably try to come up with some new and improved system to try to keep it. This is where we get Doug Phillips, Patriarchy, Vision Forum, The Federal Vision, The Stay at Home Daughters Movement, Courting Not Dating, Radical Homeschooling, Bill Gothard, The Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts, and on-and-on.

Just let the Law stand on its own without trying to invent a method, organization, or career to assist people with their lawkeeping. What inevitably happens is that, in so doing, another aspect of lawbreaking that maybe you have not considered rises up and bites you in the butt.

Or the very area that you appear to be majoring on and strong in becomes the weak area that is your downfall (e.g. Phillips and purity/the family).

Sin, like The Dude, abides. As long as you are in this mortal body, anyway. Turn to Christ regularly in Word & Sacrament and avoid the big, life-altering sins. This is where wisdom, reasonable temperance, and surrounding yourself with good and reasonable people comes in. You’ll be alright in the long haul.

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