This year, they’re leaving Victoria Day alone, but are still plotting other changes

18 May

Last year, I reported on progs deciding they wanted to rename Victoria Day.

I’m pleased to announce that this year, at least, they’re not campaigning thus, according to HuffPo:

a movement began last year to change the holiday’s name altogether.

A group of prominent Canadians, including author Margaret Atwood, author Gordon Pinsent and Green Party leader Elizabeth May signed a petition calling on the government to change the name of Victoria Day to “Victoria and First Peoples Day.”

The petition only managed to gather about 1,500 signatures despite the big names attached to it, and has since been re-launched as a campaign to rename National Aboriginal Day (June 21) as “First Peoples Day” and make it a holiday all its own.

Ah, so they want to rename National Aboriginal Day as First Peoples Day, and turn it into a statutory holiday; in other words, muck with the name – progs always need to rename groups of people from time to time to something else (e.g. in America, black Americans were called Negro, then colored, then Afro-American, then black, then people of color, then African-American; progs can’t ever stick to one name for all time, gotta keep changing it) – and then elevate the observation from something as unofficial as Valentine’s Day into an actual holiday, like Victoria Day.

Having failed to downgrade the celebration of our British, monarchist heritage by merging it with a celebration of our indigenous minorities, they now seek to turn the existing day of recognition of our indigenous minorities into an actual statutory holiday of its own, thus elevating to equality with other statutory holidays like Victoria Day.

Fortunately, PM Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have no interest in pursuing any such thing, but that may not stop their new petition from gathering more support than their previous one, particularly since it seems to leave Victoria Day alone now; I could easily see Justin Trudeau, the Liberal leader, and Thomas Mulcair, the New Democrats’ leader, glomming onto this.

Progs never rest. Bastards.

Regardless, Happy Victoria Day, tomorrow, my fellow Canadians!


Posted by on May 18, 2014 in Canada, The Kulturkampf


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