Evangelical writer praises college ‘Sex Week’ programs for their advocacy on behalf of whores and strippers

02 Feb

Incredible.  (As an aside, note the poor grammar in the article’s title.)

“While the content and theology is often anti-biblical at sex weeks on university campuses, you will find that the heart of most of the student leaders is responsibility, not promiscuity,” best-selling author and speaker Dannah Gresh told The Christian Post in an interview Friday.

Gresh argued that while sex instructors’ hearts are often in the right place, as at the University of Tennessee where they teach students to care about sex workers’ rights, they still teach falsehoods. She called for Christians to speak out, not in anger, but with biblical truth in solidarity with these students’ goals to educate.


While college sex education often encourages students to have sex before marriage, Gresh explained that “not everything that they are doing may be bad.”

She explained that “the prevalence of violence against women in prostitution and dance clubs is huge,” and cited a study of dance clubs where 100 percent of dancers reported having been abused, with some having been raped.

Gresh praised the University of Tennessee for speaking up for these women’s rights. “You are right, these women aren’t being treated with dignity and care.” She insisted that “if you attended some of the seminars you would probably be surprised that some of what they’re saying is valid and good.”

Can anyone seriously believe any study where 100% of the participants are reported as anything?

And even if it were so, so what? No-one, in a free country, can truly force someone from that country into either prostitution or stripping; whenever one hears of legitimate cases of sex trafficking, they usually involve people brought over from other countries illegally, who are blackmailed with threats of deportation, etc.; so why the useless lecture about this to American college women except to indoctrinate them with feminist propaganda – and why should a Christian woman be going along with such an endeavour?

No. Christians should be opposing feminism completely; NOT declaring support for and assent to some elements of that wicked doctrine, just to try to get into ‘progressive’ college women’s ‘good graces’, in order to somehow, in such a fashion, try to win them over to the Lord.

That would be as stupid and wicked as encouraging women to lie about their partner count to their prospective fiancés, ostensibly to build relationships with them, in order to try to win them over to Christ.

No. Christians must stand for truth and oppose evil, always, completely.

Ms. Gresh does not, and is far too influenced by worldly ways of thinking.

Typical evanjellyfish.


6 responses to “Evangelical writer praises college ‘Sex Week’ programs for their advocacy on behalf of whores and strippers

  1. weak stream

    February 2, 2014 at 7:27 am

    And when did we start referring to whores and strippers as ‘sex workers’? George Carlin had some things to say about euphemisms. Or do women really believe that whoring and stripping is just another legit career path. I think not.

  2. Will S.

    February 2, 2014 at 7:35 am

    Exactly; that’s a term feminists, and whores themselves, use; do we really want to get on board with such a euphemism, an attempt to redefine that line of work, in order to legitimize it? We shouldn’t; it’s appalling anyone would. To their credit, it doesn’t seem that they wish to, but their non-objection to the terminology is revealing; it shows they refuse to make any moral judgments against such ‘workers’ – but they ought to, dammit.

  3. Jacob Ian Stalk

    February 2, 2014 at 6:55 pm

    There are no circumstances in which a woman offering her body in any way to anyone but her husband is blessed by God. That study seems ridiculous – in what way does God desire dignity and care for the wilfully sinful?

    Hosea 4 is a sharp reminder about what God does to the persistent idolater and her enablers. Gresh’s comments do little but slap more grease on the downward slope into Sheol.

  4. Will S.

    February 2, 2014 at 7:15 pm

    Exactly, Jacob. We shouldn’t be concerning ourselves all that much with the self-inflicted suffering of people who choose those careers – they made their choices; or chose to date nasty bastards who subsequently forced them into it – at some point, they exercised free agency and made free choices, so any suffering they incur, they brought upon themselves, at least to some extent.


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