Still Mine

28 May

Saw a great little indie Canadian flick recently, ‘Still Mine’.

‘Still Mine’ is based on a true story of an elderly couple in rural New Brunswick, facing the situation of her declining due to Alzheimer’s, and his having to cope; he decides to build a smaller house on their farm property for them to live in, rather than the big farmhouse they always have lived in, after circumstances illustrate such might be a good idea; he runs into resistance from pigheaded bureaucrats, as her health and mental state continue to decline. His deep love for his equally loving wife makes him just as pigheaded, determined to do what he believes is best for her.

A great portrait of a Marriage 1.0, the way it should be, and still is for some; it was amazing to watch a man drag his uncooperative wife into their house, when she foolishly wanted to stay out in the cold overnight; completely un-progressive. And a surprisingly honest look at the nature of metastasizing tyrannical big government; not something I’d have expected to see in a Canadian movie, frankly; I was pleasantly surprised, and delighted.

James Cromwell has always shone in the many various supporting roles he’s had through the years; it’s about time he had a lead role, and he shines yet again. As does Geneviève Bujold, who is always great.

A touching but not sappy or overly sentimental drama; I enjoyed it thoroughly, and certainly recommend it for fans of human interest, character-driven stories.


2 responses to “Still Mine

  1. Will S.

    January 18, 2014 at 1:33 pm

    Anyone who enjoyed ‘Still Mine’ would enjoy this:


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