Father Knows Best: Grape Harvest Edition

17 Oct

Sugarbush Vineyards; Wellington, Ontario.

Thomas Fleming: Back to the Stone Age: a Primer for Palaeoconservatives: I D; I D 2: Progressive Regression; Addendum; Conclusion

Fred Reed: White Girl Bleed a Lot

Peter Hitchens: My Subject is War; What’s Socialist about State Ownership? Beats Me; Why Nationalised Railways Would be Better; British Rail Lives On; Whom do the Police Serve? Part Two; Whom do the Police Serve? – Part Three

Brendan O’Neill: What’s really driving the Left’s loathing of free schools; Julia Gillard needs to man up

Mark Steyn: Sesame Nation; Who’s ‘Politicizing’ Benghazi?; Ten Thousand Thumbs Down

Kathy Shaidle: When Push Comes to Shoving Cripples; Jonesing for Censorship

John Derbyshire: Anniversary of a Defenestration; Anniversary of a Defenestration, Part II

Jim Goad: The  Magical Hip-Hop Get Out of Jail Free Card; The Blacklash Against Stacey Dash

Charles A. Coulombe: The Mexican Basket Case

Paul Gottfried: The Impermanence of Labels; Charles Murray’s Fatal Conceit

Patrick J. Buchanan: Stay out of the Syrian Maelstrom; Behind the Benghazi Cover-up

Nicholas Farrell: Hobsbawm’s Choice

Derek Turner: The Shriveling Scottish Identity

Taki: Short Man With a Long Reach; The Next Bela Lugosi; Dummies Great and Small

Andy Nowicki: Mammary Mania

Dimitrios Papageorgiou: The Gladiators

David Hamilton: The Loss of Reality

The American Interest: A Voter’s Guide to Legalizing Marijuana

Daniel McCarthy: How Does a Traditionalist Vote?

Noah Millman: Oblitus Mori; Is the Omaha Hipster Vote Up For Grabs?; Inside of a Droid, it’s Too Dark to Read

Alan Jacobs: Nonsense, Skepticism, and TED Talks; The Educational Choices We Don’t Want to Make; Proustblogging: The Conclusion (with spoilers, sort of); Failure to Launch, Revisited; The Religiously Unaffiliated; We’re Not as Dumb as We Thought; Meet the Beatles (Again); We Have a Winner of the Summarize Proust Contest; Proustblogging: On Boredom; Hounds and Civilization; Proustblogging: The Dangers of Anticipation; Orientation in the World; Has Twitter Become Too Big for High-Quality Conversation?

Rod Dreher: Nudity And Culture; The Whole Wide World; A Festival In Montmartre; Benedict, Beauty, And Christian Belief; An Eight-Year-Old Reads ‘The Odyssey’; Objects Of Art; View From Your Table; ‘Miserable Gourmands’; View From Your Table; America: How We’ve Changed For The Better; View From Your Table; The Paris Effect; Food That Stinks In France; The Decline of American Religion; View From Your Table; Beauty From Tyranny; Muslim Navy Stops Western Pirate-Ghouls; Cider And Other French Delights

Cabernet franc grapes with red leaves; Sugarbush Vineyards; Wellington, Ontario.

Strange Herring: ‘Pro-Choice Terrorist’ Sentenced to 41 Months in Prison for Threatening Pro-Lifers Online, including at FIRST THINGS; Maine Democrat Candidate Level 85 ‘World of Warcraft’ Orc. Yes, Just Like Adlai Stevenson.; A Strange Review: The Master; We Need a New Christian Humor MagazineProtestants No Longer a Majority in America, as Big Fat Nothings Soar!; What Do the Man Who Played Forrest Gump and the Author of ‘The Idiot’ Have in Common?; A Strange Review: Argo; Churches Taunt IRS by Screening ’2016: Obama’s America’ Before Election Day; Shock Jock Gives Up Act to Follow Christ. Bummer.; Man Free Falls 24 Miles to Earth Pursuing Gum That Fell Out of His Mouth; A Year of Living Plagiaristically

Mark Shea: I like John Zmirak as a general rule; It’s funny because it’s true; This Is the Best Bad Lip Reading Yet; Obama: Living Laboratory Demonstration that Sin Makes You Stupid; The People’s Democratic National Security State of Heaven; Latest in the “Homosex is the Source and Summit of Good in the Universe” News; My friend James Preece writes from England; Spiritual Diabetes; Good but confusing news on the Stem Cell Front; The American Conservative…; Leah Libresco on LARPing and conversion; We live in strange times; Next Volley in the Class War

Zippy Catholic: Saint Compromise; The Function of Universal-Suffrage Democratic Elections; Hypergamy; Hypergamy: social-behavioral concepts; It’s all Greek to me; Elections and Social Consensus

Thomas L. McDonald: Truesound: Trying to Recreate the Original Baroque Organ Sound; The Kill List and The Choice

The Dirtseller: Songs for Sunday Night and Monday Morning

Archdiocese of Washington: A Thousand Miles Wide and two inches Thick. A meditation on the importance of depth and promixity in life; Things we can learn from Dogs

Bruce Charlton: A Moldbug moment – Eric Hobsbawm’s eulogies; Conversion and breeding; Preparing for suffering – Richard Wurmbrand; Strategic dilemma for Christians: re-conquest or subculture; How might a Mere Christian subculture actually happen; English patriotism and Christianity; Religion versus Civilizational Collapse versus Revival

What’s Wrong With The World: I pay in blood, but not my own; Scummy; The silly-clevers on the subject of babies

The Occidental Traditionalist: Manliness and Holiness in Russia; “We Love Genocide,” German Leftists declare; Music compilation – Celebrate the ’20s; The socially different and Christianity; Another thing for people to cry about; Marriage or the Church; The void without Rome

Alan Roebuck: “The Integration of Theory and Practice:” Eric Heubeck’s Proposal  For Cultural Guerilla War against the Leftist Establishment

The Mad Monarchist: Monarchist Profile: English Mistery; MM Special Report: Norway Under Threat; Money and Monarchies

The Pittsford Perennialist: African Churchman Issues Wake-Up Call to Europe; Clyde N. Wilson’s Argument in Favor of Real Free Trade; U.S.S.A.; Single Women’s Suffrage; A Married Man (Me) Reads Roissy; The Manosphere and Me; The Lily of the Mohawks to Be Canonized This Month; The Erie Canal Aqueduct in Rochester, NY; Western New York and Third Parties; Support Your Local Brewery; “Bombastic and Hysterical Platonism”; Amanda Shires’ “When You Need a Train it Never Comes,” “Detroit or Buffalo,” and “Sloe Gin” Music Videos; Amanda Shires and Rod Picott Perform “Swimmer,” “Shake the Walls” & “When You Need a Train It Never Comes”; Le Vent Du Nord Perform “Les Amants du Saint Laurent,” “Au Bord de la Fontaine,” “Dans la Prison de l’Ombre,” & “Tour à Bois”

Cabernet franc grapes; Sugarbush Vineyards; Wellington, Ontario.

Free Northerner: The Life of a Beta; Biblical Alpha: Boaz; Feminism and Housing CostsThe Consequences of Sluttiness; Metal Moment: Theocracy

Tom White: Most of these people are not ready to be unplugged; Not all people are bastards

Quit Playing Church: Jesus said to Follow Him!

Chris: Work is the new block of wood we worship.; Against syncretism; Falling idols, interesting times.; White Sunday; Quotage against the sisterhood.; The theology of the remnant.; Destructive Feminism.; Fools mock.

Unmasking Feminism: The Mom Behind Norman Rockwell; Feminism Killed Women’s “Old-Fashioned” Sense of Responsibility to Other Women

CL: Deti on Unrepentant Sluts; Get A Life

Dalrock: How the destruction of marriage is strangling the feminist welfare state.; Feminist territory marking, NFL style.; Glenn Stanton Swooned; Debasing marriage; Connecting the pathological fear of husbands having power with the peter pan manboy syndrome.

Feminism is Empathological: When Will Women Acknowledge Their Own Evil?

The Woman and the Dragon: Sunday Supplications: The King of Kings chose her from the carousel and escorted her right down the aisle.; Oxymoronic: childless women are miserably happy.; Luckily for this guy, the statute of limitations for sexual assault has run out; My nomination for Feminist Mother of the Year

Carnivore’s Cave: World’s Oldest Dad Does It Again and other Miscellaneous News; Alarming low test levels in obese teenage males; Bread & Circuses and Immoral Money

Simon Grey: Educational Scalability; Tabula Rasa; Why Equality Fails; The Music Industry is Dying; Music Review; Video; Video

The Gods of the Copybook Headings: Dalt Down; Who Likes Rob Ford?; Peace of the Broke; Don’t Misunderestimate Him; UNConventional; As The Worm Continues to Turn; Rebel Without A Clue

Oz Conservative: Australian feminist: it was acceptable 50 years ago to hate women; Rachel Cusk: a very modern divorce; Gloucester Cathedral; I’m PM but I’m still a victim of sexism; Processing Sandra Loh; A shallow identity; Sandra Tsing Loh: monster wives

Keoni Galt: Sink the Pink; Shadows on the Wall; A Salute to Conventional Wisdom

Vox Day: Feminism and the fall of the West; Crimson Arts and the Scarlet Manifesto; Alpha Mail: decisions, decisions; Accountability, agency, and acceptance; Feminist sex is false advertising; Marriage as rape protection; Wife or $200 whore?; A question of character; She’s probably had better; A maternal right to kidnap?; The idiot assimilators; Mailvox: an alternative mechanism

The Elusive Wapiti: Both Ends Against The Middle; Equalitarianism Foundering; The Terraformed Humanscape; Homeschool Or Die; You Get What You Pay For

W.F. Price: Abortion Ship Denied Entrance to Moroccan Port; Feminists: The Kissing Sailor was Committing Sexual Assault; Honey Boo Boo Child and Incentives; Equality in Barbarism; The Sad Life of Monica Lewinsky; Feminism Chinese Style; A Teachable Moment

Captain Capitalism: STEM vs. Liberal Arts; Target: Swedish Feminism

Mojo: The best argument for drinking I have ever seen.

Wine-making equipment in the garage; Sugarbush Vineyards; Wellington, Ontario.


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11 responses to “Father Knows Best: Grape Harvest Edition

  1. CL

    October 17, 2012 at 10:45 am

    Great colours in that second picture!

  2. Will S.

    October 17, 2012 at 1:18 pm

    Glad you like it! Not many of the grape leaves had changed colour yet, but I found that one set which had.

    That was a fun day; in exchange for picking grapes for the morning, we were given snacks, lunch including several glasses of wine, and a bottle of last year’s Cab Franc to take home. Win!

  3. Chris

    October 17, 2012 at 2:39 pm

    Hey, I’ve had some of that wine! (Like the first picture) Thanks for the linkage.

  4. van Rooinek

    October 17, 2012 at 3:38 pm

    Red leaves, in non-teinturier grapes, are usually a sign of leafroll virus.

    That vineyard should be pulled and replanted with virus free stock.

  5. Will S.

    October 17, 2012 at 4:05 pm

    @ Chris: From Sugarbush Vineyards? Really? I didn’t think their stuff was available anywhere outside of their winery. Or do you mean Cab Franc wine, in general?

    Hey, you’re welcome. Cheers.

    @ VR: Oh, I see! Well, I only saw a small section of one row having such red leaves; the rest were as green as what you see in the top pic, pretty much. What a shame it takes a virus to make grape leaves go such a pretty red, like maple leaves naturally go in the fall…

  6. Chris

    October 17, 2012 at 11:44 pm

    I have toured through the Ontario vineyards. Daughter was raised in Toronto and lived in Hamilton for a while.

  7. Will S.

    October 17, 2012 at 11:46 pm


  8. Will S.

    October 17, 2012 at 11:47 pm

    This is in Prince Edward County, though; a bit of a ways from Hamilton. Did she take you just to Niagara region wineries, or all the way out east? I’m impressed!

  9. van Rooinek

    October 25, 2012 at 1:01 am

    @ VR: Oh, I see! Well, I only saw a small section of one row having such red leaves; the rest were as green as what you see in the top pic, pretty much. What a shame it takes a virus to make grape leaves go such a pretty red, like maple leaves naturally go in the fall…

    Well… if there are only a few… it MIGHT be that they planted a few teinturier grapes in the mix. Teinturier grapes, unlike all other red grapes, have red juice and pulp — not just red skin. For this reason they make extremely dark wines on their own. Usually they are used as blending agents at small percentages, to darken other wines instead. AND.,, teinturiers turn red in the fall naturally, even if they are perfectly healthy. Alicante Bouschet is the most common teinturier worldwide, and I recently saw what I thought were Teinturier du Cher grapes planted in Switzerland (i was there on business not long ago.)

    On the other hand, if they are not teinturiers, then red leaves indicate something is wrong. Cab Franc is not a teinturier. If that’s actually Cab Franc, something is wrong.

  10. Will S.

    October 25, 2012 at 8:37 am

    Ah, I see. Well, we were picking Cab Franc grapes; those with the red leaves were in my row…


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