Father Knows Best: Creative Anachronism Edition

04 Oct

Strange Herring: The First Amendment Is So 1968, Sings Growing Chorus on the Left; Osteen: ‘God Wants You to Feel Good About Yourself.’ GOD: ‘No, I Don’t.’; Strange Quote from Tomorrow: Gene Edward Veith; Strange Quote of the Day: Margaret Thatcher; The Other Most Important Question You Will Ever Answer: Does God Hate You?; NYC Dept. of Education to Hand Out ‘Morning After’ Pill to HS Students. Well, Play to Your Strength, I Say.; Strange Quote of the Day: Anthony Burgess; My Definition of Hell: Franky Schaeffer and Mark Driscoll on CNN’s Belief Blog; Strange Book You May Have Missed: ‘Alexander the Corrector’; Don’t Want Either Romney or Obama? There Are Nine More Candidates to Reject!; A Strange Review: The Bourne Legacy; CofE Deadlocked Over Next Archbishop of Canterbury, May Forget the Whole Thing, Wing It with Several Large Dolls

Marc Barnes: An Attempt to Explain Christianity to Atheists In a Manner That Might Not Freak Them Out; Humans Are Useless

Mark Shea: A reader writes:; In a Fascist State…; Only my Spambots Appreciate My True Greatness; Mitt Romney, Pro-Life CHAMPION!; And in Today’s Prolife Political Wife Beating News; Another Triumph for Liars for the Greater Good; I don’t know who this “Nick Bottom” is over at  CWR…; Nice to See Another Christian Think Different

Thomas L. McDonald: Smithsonian Yanks “Jesus’s Wife”; Archbishop Chaput on Hard Choices, Money, Sexual Abuse, Politics, and More; The Gnostic Noise Machine and the “Wife” of Jesus UPDATED; Game Review: 10000000; Expert: “Jesus’s Wife” Fragment a Modern Forgery; 3D Printing an Extinct Mollusk; Civility and the New Media; Doctors Grow An Ear On Woman’s Arm

Archdiocese of Washington: The Book of Job: Daring and in your face about the problem of suffering.; Working for the Wrong Kingdom as Seen in a Car Commercial; Can we have any influence on the standard with which God will judge us?; Are we each living in our own little world? A reflection on the increasing loss of shared experience; One of the most interesting replies I have ever heard to the Problem of Evil

Rev. Karl Hess: The Joy of Lamentation; “That’s Too Catholic” part 1: Shaving.

Bruce Charlton: Modernity and bribery; ‘People’ do not want ‘freedom’; Leftism as a transitional state – to what?; The paralysis of the West? Much worse…; The significance, or non-significance, of theological heresy: the Coptic example; Christianity needs the devil – for coherence; Why did the world change circa 1917?; Why
is Robert Conquest’s Second Law so horribly true?
; Heresy and Authority

What’s Wrong With The World: New Zealand Takes the Cake; Vandalism, poetry, and music; Raids by the Jihad; Bombshell allegations against New York organ procurement entity; Extremely bad recent HHS ruling

The Occidental Traditionalist: Pat Buchanan: “Barack Obama is a drug dealer of welfare”; Primo dies autumni!; Persia Revolutio; Can you love a transgender neighbor?; Muslim woman appointed Norway’s culture minister; Vive la France! Vive les Français!; Hour of the rising Sun; What this blog is and is not; Save your marriage by keeping her in the kitchen

Alan Roebuck: Why Heresy Matters

Kristor: Take Not the Name in Vain; Omniscience & Synchronicity; Lethality:Power::Mass:Gravity; Sex & Death; or, Patriarchy & Sacrifice; Immutability or Omniscience?

Gerry T. Neal: Green Toryism; Liberalism and the Inevitability of War

AB Royalist: On the Trail of Empire

The Pittsford Perennialist: Trappists of the Genesee; “This Used to Be a Hell of a Good Country”; The Band Perform “The Weight”; You Won’t MasoniChip My Kids; Ain’t My Enemy; The Rehabilitative Aspect of Imprisonment; Dave Rawlings Machine Perform “To Be Young,” “Ruby,” “Monkey and the Engineer,”
and “Bells of Harlem”; Dave Rawlings & Gillian Welch Perform “Method Acting” & “Sweet Tooth”; Gillian Welch & David Rawlings Perform “Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor”; “Cash on the Nail”; Jack Kerouac’s “The Vanishing American Hobo”


Chris: The Rentier.; The family court helps preserve the class system (hat tip, spearhead).; Which approval? Whose Glory?; A lack of tradition.; Do not market.; We need to rediscover the sustainable.; Education bubble deflating?; Daylight saving morning.; Gomer is not shamed; Quotes (it’s the economy part 2); Who said restoration was nice?

Unmasking Feminism: All it Takes is One Single Mom; Redefining “Head of Houshold” in the “End of Men” Era; Do Women Really Adapt Better?

7man: Unemployed Men Don’t Give Women Tingles

CL: Hooking Up Dumb; It’s All About the Vajayjay; A Bit of Slut in Every Woman; Women, PUAs, Game, and Knowing Your Arse from a Hole in the Ground; The Low-Conflict Relationship; A Fine Mess!; Muslim prayer room welcomed at Catholic school; The Key to Closeness: Vulnerability

Dalrock: More on female solipsism; Conservatives enabling feminism; Biblical vs Churchian Sex in Marriage (and why Christians need Game); Christian denial and institutional resistance to change.

The Society of Phineas: Churchian Marriage 2.0 Illustrated

Feminism is Empathological: To Marrry or Not to Marry?

The Woman and the Dragon: One out of three women resent their husbands for not earning enough money; For women, bragging about promiscuity is like earning a gold medal for participation; Sunday Supplications: When husbands fail to protect their wives from committing adultery; In defense of the mancave; Women are becoming (a pathetic version of) the men they wanted to marry.; “All you need is love” and other ways to end up with a frigid cow for a wife; A reader wants to know: Can a p*ssy become a normal man?; Sunday Supplications: the efficacy of slut-shaming – a case study and a prayer; Sensible discrimination

Carnivore’s Cave: Woman Jailed for False Rape Claim Against 3 Guys; Police Shoot to Kill Wheelchair-bound Amputee; The Cost of War; Guy Commercials; I’m All Wet…

Alte: Odd Bits

Hearthrose: Book Review: The Sparrow

Free Northerner: The Collapse; Feminism and Homemaking are not Compatible; Solipsism in Action; More Encouragement for Bill

The Gods of the Copybook Headings: And the Award Goes To….; Peckford’s Complaint; The Bastards We Deserve; Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid; Spot the Pattern; Apartheid High; Moving In With Mother; A Low and Dirty Game; Missed Turn; The Dauphin Descends

Oz Conservative: Why did the ACLU stamp out a father-daughter dance?; Julie Bindel – too many women are unthinkingly heterosexual; Julie Bindel – a follow up; What would Deveny advise women to do?; Why does Andrew Bolt admire Lady Gaga?; Deveny on the grand final; Why does sharing the housework increase divorce?; A wrong turn; Planet nation

Keoni Galt: Coming to Terms; Eat More Mercury

Vox Day: Why solipsism matters; Alpha Mail: be careful what you chase; Crushing a male hamster; The abyss stares back; Detachment is a DHV; Business Game; Blind faith in science; Gay marriage eliminates motherhood; Juxtaposition; Kick back, have a beer

The Elusive Wapiti: She Gets It; WapitiMail: Cheatin’; Nature Abhors a Vacuum; Re: Marriage. The Trads Are Right (Again); NZ Family Violence Death Toll

W.F. Price: Let’s Settle the Cheating Issue; A Stark Reminder of America’s Decline; The Inherent Conflict Between Atheism and Feminism; Sandra Tsingh Loh: Women’s Lib Created “Monsters”

Simon Grey: Knowledge of Evil; On Hypergamic Affirmative Action; More On Hypergamic Affirmative Action; The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things; Does Piracy Harm Sales?

Jack Donovan: Draw the Line

Alkibiades: It’s like they have a different day for everything; Get to them while they’re young; I’m a virginity fetishist, who knew?; The face of beauty

Danny from 504: Chicken Fricassee; Bill Fucking Burr; Cooking for Single Men – Vietnamese Steak

Captain Capitalism: Crusader Bitch Gets What She Deserves; Recession Medicine

Steve Sailer: J.P. Rushton, 1943-2012; The Scoop on Looper

The Counter-Feminist: Cutting Off Feminism Abruptly

Mojo: Swallow the red pill, whole.; Mojo’s non-negotiables.; The most transparent attempt to snag a beta I have ever seen.

El Bastardo: Then, as Now, and Again-why men must truly avoid marriage until women re-learn to obey their men.

Prof. Mentu: Mentu’s history of domestic violence.

Prof. Ashur: A Pint With Badger

Jehu: Did The Nazis Persecute Homeschoolers As Much As the Current German Regime?; Delaware Adds New Reason To Teach Your Family Taqiyya And Be Wary Of Mandatory Reporters; Sheer Insanity and the Wisdom of Old-School Bigotry

Chef in Jeans: The Best Damn Yams in the Land; Cooking for Single Men – Oktoberfest – pt.2; Cooking for Single Men – Oktoberfest – pt. 1

NO MA’AM: The Garden of Eden, Absolute Truth, and Relative Truth; Men, Religion, and Morality


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7 responses to “Father Knows Best: Creative Anachronism Edition

  1. Chris

    October 4, 2012 at 8:02 pm


  2. Will S.

    October 4, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    You’re welcome, Chris!

  3. El Bastardo

    October 4, 2012 at 10:38 pm

    Thanks for the linkage. I should start doing the same huh? Man, I need to sto working so much! LOL

  4. Will S.

    October 4, 2012 at 10:58 pm

    Hey Bastardo, you’re welcome. Up to you, whether you want to do linkfests, but I think they’re a good thing. 🙂

  5. Carnivore

    October 6, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    Thank you, sir!

  6. Will S.

    October 6, 2012 at 6:00 pm

    Hey Carnivore, you’re welcome.



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