Father Knows Best: So Hard Done By Edition

31 Jul

Ed West: What’s wrong with America having Anglo-Saxon heritage?; Britain Unleashed: small is beautiful; Is Europe’s fault line religious or linguistic?; The sinister campaign against circumcision; Britain needs its elites back; Rioters were having a ‘spiritual experience’, says bishop. This is why Anglicanism is dying; What was so bad about the 1950s?; The man who predicted the European tragedy; Make Magna Carta Day our national day; The strength of the monarchy is evidence of the failure of the managerial classes to destroy our ancient traditions; I fear that fat people have missed the PC boat; A proposal to help women ‘have it all’; Twitter and Tom Daley: freedom of speech does not extend to the freedom to make death threats

Daniel Hannan: Mitt Romney’s staffer is right: whatever their family origins, Britons and Americans are joint heirs to Anglo-Saxon liberties; Shakespeare as it should be; I had hoped that the Coalition would bring out the best in the Lib Dems; I was wrong; Why England looks like England; Winston Churchill: father of the Anglosphere

Tim Stanley: Chick-fil-A vs gay marriage: how a chicken restaurant became a culture war battleground; America’s liberal Christians might be progressive and inclusive, but they are also dying out; Today I turn thirty: older, drunker, fatter, but still loyal to my childhood dreams; An elected Senate barely works in the US, so why would we replace the House of Lords with it?; Andy Murray at Wimbledon: tennis should be about strawberries and cream, not ‘winning’; To understand America, you have to leave the cities and feel the awesome emptiness of the landscape; The war between the Vatican and American nuns is about bad theology, not gender oppression; Thanks to Doctor Who, bow ties are back. But will good taste and chivalry follow?

Damian Thompson: Irish bores, a Scottish bigot and the worst piece of classical music ever written

Martin Stephen: Young people are going to bad universities to study subjects no employers want. This tragedy is our fault

Brendan O’Neill: Scotland isn’t a beacon of freedom. Its support for gay marriage is just another excuse to pry into private lives; Why it’s now safe to say I love Marx; Amnesty International’s latest arms trade campaign is colonialism with a kindly face; Britain Abolishes Itself; Danny Boyle’s New Britain: conform and celebrate, or risk being cast out of polite society

Andrew Gilligan: Cutty Sark horror nominated as worst new building in Britain

James Delingpole: Rowan Williams may or may not be the Antichrist; 97 per cent of the world to be destroyed tomorrow!

Peter Hitchens: What sort of country has a hospital bed as a symbol of national pride? And how free
is speech in Olympic Britain?
; Join the smiley Cult of the Five Circles? Sorry, but I have a democratic right to be
bored (and I’m exercising it while I still can)
; What’s that noise? They’re Building a Coffin for Liberty

Thomas Fleming: Romney Goes Global; This is Not Your Grandfather’s Country; Escapist Fantasies; Poems of the Week: Edmund Blunden

Jeffrey Polet: Scotch on the Bruce

Mark T. Mitchell: Culture War No More

Fred Reed: Race Hucksters

Paul Gottfried: Chick-fil-A Eats Crow; Institutions of Higher Emoting; Jews Against Israel

Charles A. Coulombe: God’s Frozen People; A Furor Over Foreskins; Return of the Kings

Jim Goad: The Secret Relationship Between Rahm and Lou

Kathy Shaidle: Race Cost Her the Race

John Derbyshire: Birth of a Civil War Buff

Taki: Compliments for the Corpulent; The Scourge of Sports; Every Mountain Holds a Million Myths

Guy Somerset: The Meaning Behind the Madness; An International Review; The Legend of Whining Coyote

Edwin Leap: As White Collars Fade to Blue

Scott Locklin: A Short Guide to Leftist Conspiracy Theories; Higgs Boredom; Stimu-liars and the Stimu-lies They Tell

Mark Derian: The Gen Y Mascot

Strange Herring: A Strange Review: The Dark Knight Stinketh

Half Sigma: The last James Holmes post?; Jeff Bezos, another super-rich liberal; Food stamp weigh-in; Beware of NAM girls; Modern women too fat even for beta males? I don’t think so.; Holmes now has female groupies on Twitter; Nursing is a borderline prole profession; A classic case of beta-male rage; Christian Right lies about abortion; Brooklyn walkabout

The Other McCain: If Obama’s Lost the Secular Humanists …; Why Is Fauquier County, Virginia, Waging War Against Small Farmers?; The Olympic Princess Fantasy; Did University of Colorado ‘Student Mental Health Service’ Director Blow It?; Florida: The Creepy State; Florida: The Crazy State; A Chick-Fil-A Gun? Pluck Poultry Pistols!; Like a Jeff Foxworthy Joke

Mark Steyn: Shouting ‘Fire!’ at the Policemen’s Ball; The Tolerance Enforcers; Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?

Rod Dreher: Occupy What? Huh?; Eastern Right

Noah Millman: Normal Nations Have Allies, Not Just Dependents

Michael Brendan Dougherty: This Child’s View Of Single-Motherhood

D.G. Hart: Religious Middle; Church Not State

bluebird of bitterness: Small businessman takes exception to president’s speech; Selective outrage; Ain’t nobody here but us chickens; It’s a dog eat dog world; Religious tolerance, explained; Prejudice

Stephen J. Sniegoski: Would Romney pursue a neocon war agenda?

David T. Wright: Mitt promises he’ll be even worse than Barry

W.F. Price: “Heroic” Single Moms; What Feminism Teaches Little Girls; Bennett Gets it Wrong Again; The Problem With Sluts; Sharia Crashes on Shoals of UK Family Law; Federal Judge Grants Injunction in Lawsuit; 50 Shades of Grey Reviews

Keoni Galt: Tearing Up the Grass – 1; Tearing Up the Grass – 2

Bruce Charlton: The potential-genius is intrinsically psychologically unbalanced; “Christ did not say take and understand, He said take and eat.”; The Leftist ratchet and the malleable mind; Why Christianity is utterly different from Eastern Religions; Try replacing the word ‘equality’ with ‘the same’ or ‘identical’; The vital importance of inferring motivation

Elspeth: Cure for Female Performance Anxiety? Don’t.

Carnivore’s Cave: Intro to Basket Weaving 101

Mark Shea: I don’t think we have Chik-Fil-A in Seattle; God Love Ross Douthat; Tolerance is not Enough!

Alan Roebuck: A Church of Conservatism?


Svein Sellanraa:


Jehu: Choose!

nydwracu niþgrim, nihtbealwa mæst: Occasional discourse on the Brahmin question

Foseti: Review of “The Map and the Territory” by Michel Houellebecq; Travel

Aretae: Left libertarian rabble-rousing

Udolpho: Gay marriage, gay everything; SWPL faggot in a position of power begins the purge of wrongthought, starting with Chick-fil-A

Free Northerner: Biblical Alpha: Samson; The Bookshelf: The Way of Men

Unmasking Feminism: The Cat and Women Connection; The Slut Vote

Get Religion: Where’s the beef? What the Chick-fil-A boss really said; Shocking! AP quotes Chick-fil-A leader accurately!; With canonization near, where is media focus?

Glaivester: Project Prevention

Simon Grey: Verbal Camouflage; The Gun Control Debate; Limbaugh Jumps Another Shark; The Pathology of Overprotectiveness

Oz Conservative: Modern dilemmas; Well, the left know what was happening; The male gaze; Do liberals lack masculine instincts or pervert them?

Quit Playing Church: Heaven Is For Real …’cause the Bible says so.

Christian Men’s Defense Network: The Tyranny of Tingles – Part 2: Daughters of Eve

Feminism is Empathological: Yee-haw, Yahoo didnt ask Anne-Marie Slaughter about a pregnant CEO; When Christian and secular herd mentality synergize; “Why Men Leave”…a near miss and an unfortunate title.

The Society of Phineas: Worldly Justice and Worldly Mercy; “God’s Just Not Fair!”; Intellect vs. Experience

Dalrock: Dr. Phil enforcing the feminine imperative.; Man Woman & Myth on Misandry; Dispelling the misconceptions about feminism.

The Woman and the Dragon: Christianity Today writer promotes wives usurping their husbands’ authority; Single, Saved, and Having Sex; Does the Bible have anything to say about sexual purity?; Harrison Bergeron as the feminist ideal

Chris: Against the power seeking prelatess; (Failed) suicide prevention in the Gospel; A pagan liturgy; An obviously unusual death

CL: Why are women so unhaaaappy?; Functionally Dysfunctional; This is not about 50 Shades of Grey; Women’s intensity of emotion/desire is equal to men’s level/solidity of commitment

7man: Churchian Pawns trade Past Freedom for Future Slavery; How a Man Can Head off an Impending Storm

An Unmarried Man: James Holmes, Charles Guiteau, and the illusion of Beta rage

The Elusive Wapiti: Talking Points to Defend One Man One Woman Marriage

The Gods of the Copybook Headings: Our Aloof Prime Minister; Grita Culpa

Steve Sailer: Ernie Sailer, 1917-2012

Alkibiades: All aspects of your life; Keep lying to yourself; Happy little summer song

The Counter-Feminist: A Report from the Real World; The Gift that Gives Diddly!; A Quick Reminder of Something Very Basic; Feminists Talking Out Their Ass Again; Plastering the Enemy on Their Own Turf!; According to Some People, Male Human Rights is an “Utter Abomination”

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5 responses to “Father Knows Best: So Hard Done By Edition

  1. Chris

    August 1, 2012 at 12:22 am

    Thanks, man.

  2. Keoni Galt

    August 1, 2012 at 5:23 am

    Muchas Gracisas, Amibo!

  3. electricangel1978

    August 1, 2012 at 11:20 pm

    Jesus H. Christ, will, when do you have any time to go to the bathroom? Nice collexion of links there, and the Prius “ad” is beyond funny.

  4. Will S.

    August 1, 2012 at 11:24 pm

    @ Chris, Keoni: Hey, you’re welcome.

    @ EA: I manage. 🙂 Glad you like it.


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