Father Knows Best: Live Bait Edition

25 Jul

Virgil, Ontario.

Peter Hitchens: What matters most… the right of the Rock Gods to make a racket – or YOUR right to a quiet life?; Beating the Drum for War, while opposing the gallows – the BBC’s confused attitude to deathGoing South – Britain joins the Third World

Thomas Fleming: America the Sick; Alex Cockburn, RIP

Brendan O’Neill: Traditionally, racists and reactionaries demanded gun control in America. Why have Leftists now joined in?

Fred Reed: Mexican IQ; Love of Country

The Spearhead: Bucks and Does; Jewish Feminist: Holocaust Survivors “Judenscheiss”; Fathers of Daughters

Marc Barnes: How to suck at your religion; Why I’d Make a Bad Atheist

Booch Paradise: The lack of art

Bruce Charlton: Should Christians self-identify in The West?; Almsgiving – what ought Christians to do about it in a society without Biblical poverty?; Unwelcome evangelism – the attack on self-esteem; The high IQ ‘sweet spots’; Modern Leftist elites are not *primarily* self-interested

Carnivore’s Cave:  Imperial – No! Not Margarine!

Roissy: Holmes: Another Lovelorn Beta Male Rampage; The Middle Class Quiet Riot; Obedience To Authority Game

Chris: The survival bubble; Do not conform; The church is for the flawed, not the holy; Peace, Kirk, and Administration stuff; Nonconformity and mandated legal conformity; Love leads where the elite will not go; Unity III: we are one class of believers; The visible law

CL: Meow Men Carry the Feminist Banner

7man: Churchian Pawns trade Past Freedom for Future Slavery

Free Northerner: Biblical Alpha: David fights Goliath; Biblical Beta: Saul Crowned King

Vox Day: Universal suffrage vs democracy; Mailvox: Aussie logic; The danger of a “gun-free zone”; This is why you must carry; Obama paraphrased; The outdated myth of integration; Natural enemies; The Sports Guy was right; The Olympic spirit doesn’t include free speech

An Unmarried Man: A man does what a man does; Super-reactive guys.  Anti-reactive me.; This is how she ended it before the End on a dark street corner, to die alone; Holmes kicks off era of the Joker Killer

Ulysses: Sloppy 23rds; Hundred Words of Hate – Execuspeak

Simon Grey: No, They’re Just Creepy

Christian Men’s Defense Network: They Like Magic Mike, but It’s Not Their Fault!; The Tyranny of Tingles – Part 1

Feminism is Empathological: This breaks me…..; Yes you can have it all if you are careful

The Society of Phineas: Observations on the Denominational Jesus; The Personal Jesus In The Wild; Marriage 1.0 (#9) – Sexuality; The Sheila Wray Gregoire School of Hamster Acrobatics

Dalrock: Feral females in the news; If we were as foolish about male sexuality as we are about female sexuality; Men no longer footing the bill to court older women; Why being a female is a great gift to the universe; Some are more equal than others, and being superior means you need a helping hand.

The Woman and the Dragon: Fight or Flight?; A few words on abuse; No prophet is accepted in his hometown; Sunday Supplications: Does God want women to be happy in marriage?; Pastrixes and Narcigesis; Women Who Survived Theater Shooting Grieve for Hero Boyfriends; 20 reasons for a woman to remain a virgin until her wedding night

The Elusive Wapiti: Tuesday Tomfoolery — Gift to the Universe Edition

David Collard: A classic case of “costly punishment”

Unmasking Feminism: Women Turning the Church into a Circus; “Characteristics of the Dumb Church”; Hugging a Delusion

Keoni Galt: Amongst the Herd

Oz Conservative: What is the Swedish family being replaced by?; Does liberalism allow group survival?

The Gods of the Copybook Headings: Tories Among Us; I Troll, Therefore I Am; By Hook or by Crook; Honest Men; The Timeless Bob; The Dippers Strike Back

Alkibiades: Stuff around the intertubes; Welcome to the shallow end of the gene pool; Travel sucks and never eat at a buffet; More junk science

Port Dalhousie, Ontario.

The Pittsford Perennialist: Are Uniformed Lives More Valuable Than Those of Civilians?

Slumlord: Politeness

Jim Kalb: The Left, the Right, and Catholicism

Prof. Mentu: No Flag for You: Why business travel with women sucks; Hundred Words of Hate: Vol. 7

Prof. Ashur: The Effigy Effect; Women Care What You Think

The Counter-Feminist: Thinking Globally About What Happens Locally

Bonald: The bad cop strikes; The science talk; How can we not be anti-intellectual?; Put not your trust in agrarians

Svein Sellanraa: Of Peasants and Playwrights

Tom Piatak: Wages Now Lower Than in 1968

Rev. Karl Hess: Jesus: Not a Part of Your Complete Breakfast; Oh please; Refrigerator magnet theology; Joel Osteen Warns Congregation About the Dangers of Pork and Shellfish

Slaughter of the Sheep: All Hail the Power of Who????; Jesus is my Boyfriend/Girlfriend Songs; Bishop T.D. Jakes and Deepak Chopra on Living from the Core; T. D. Jakes Celebrates 35-Years at Star-Studded Event; Underground Gay Group Emerges at Christian College; Rick Warren:  Christians and Muslims Serve the Same God?

Delenda est Carthago: Obama didn’t build it, either; Hierarchies; Anna Breslaw on the Jews

Captain Capitalism: Beartooth Pass Rally; The Credentialism Gap; The “Genius Flaw” of America’s Labor Market; Another Reason Not to Try; Cleanliness Is Not a Sign of Superiority

Steve Sailer: NPR: Women scientists find science boring to talk about, so men must be at fault. Or maybe Society; Diversity before Diversity: Thomas Babington Macaulay on the Scottish Highlanders; Norman v. Saxon after 946 years; Alexander Cockburn, RIP; The Prestige of Ignorance; Ishmaelia: From Evelyn Waugh’s “Scoop”; America as the world’s crash pad; “Sustainability” and “Local Living Economy” as code words for race and rain; “Brave”; Projecting Talent Onto Criminals

Gavin McInnes: Parting With PETA

Jim Goad: The Joker’s Razor

Taki: The Magical Mystery of Monarchy

Kathryn Jean Lopez: The President & Planned Parenthood

Andy Nowicki: Manly Flaccidity; Manning Down

Ross Douthat: The Politics of “The Dark Knight Rises”

Udolpho: The Dark Knight Rises; Managerialism and effeminacy

Foseti: It’s civilized to pee in the street; Travel; The immorality of anti-tribalism

Masculine Style: 44 Cal Ring; Net Bed; On Bad Guys and Anti-Heroes

bluebird of bitterness: Happy birthday, John Newton

Futility Closet: Gone With the Wind; Nobrow Cartoons by Mark Heath; Waste Not; R.I.P.; Traveling Companions; Three Non-Tunnels

Okay, Whatever.: New portmanteau alert: “Wikithumper”; You are so small.

The Legal Satyricon: This is the best way to fight the Westboro Baptist Church; Civil liberties thrown out with the (child porn-laden) bathwater

Sonic Charmer: How I Love Being Informed What Our President Really Means When He Says Stuff; The Didn’t-Build Party

Cracked: The 5 Stupidest Things Ever Done With Borders

The Fat Guy: That’s not malware, that’s \m/ware; On Inadvertent Live Music; I-35 Eats

The Grit Artisan: Workplace Double Standards

Mark Shea: The Cafeteria is Wide Open; Well done, Mr. Bale

Matthew Archbold: 7 Hilariously Pathetic Attempts At Relevance

Noah Millman: History Is Bunk: The War of 1812 and Henry V

Thomas L. McDonald: Now You Can Smell Like a Book; Medieval Bras Discovered

Happolati’s Miscellany, i.e. more shameless self-promotion for my other blog: North Korean Musicians Channel A-Ha; Defying Gravity: When Strange Liquids Act Like Solids; Sodomy “For the Sake of Islam”; Brazil Evangelical Christians Hold Huge Sao Paulo Rally; Video: Darpa’s ‘Wall-of-Sound’ Fire Extinguisher; The Average Canadian is Now Richer than the Average American; Chinese Theme Park Offers Discounts for Miniskirts; Vancouver Mom Sells Mermaid Tails Ready for Swimming; Bannock Tacos, Fried Baloney – This is Aboriginal Cuisine?; Germans Compete in ‘Hipster Olympics’; LCBO Sells Booze to 14-year-old Boy Wearing Burka and Face Veil; Pulled Pork Pancakes, with Jack Daniels Maple Syrup


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9 responses to “Father Knows Best: Live Bait Edition

  1. Dalrock

    July 25, 2012 at 2:38 pm

    Thanks for the most generous linkage!

  2. Keoni Galt

    July 25, 2012 at 3:15 pm

    Thanks for the linkage, yet again Will.

  3. ballista74

    July 25, 2012 at 3:26 pm

    Thanks for the linkage!

  4. Chris

    July 25, 2012 at 5:19 pm

    Thanks for the links. Hope the neew layout helps people. And thanks in advance for the reading I will be doing tongith.

  5. An Unmarried Man

    July 25, 2012 at 10:30 pm

    Thanks Will!

  6. Ray Sawhill

    July 25, 2012 at 11:46 pm

    Epic linksfest, tks.

  7. Optimum Awareness™

    July 26, 2012 at 6:40 am

    “home ofwarm beer and lousy food“
    very catchy.
    By the way I noticed that you added me into the blogroll. thanks may YHWH bless you and the manosphere

  8. Will S.

    July 26, 2012 at 12:37 pm

    @ All: You’re welcome, and thank you, everyone.



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