Response to Mentu I: Id ain’t alpha

17 May

University of Man is the most promising two-man submarine attack on a bloated monstrosity since the Japs decided to combat the iron deficiency in Pearl Harbor fishes in 1941. Sliding in beneath the soft underbelly of feminism, they strike this Patriactionary as just snarky enough to stick the final harpoon into the bloated carcass before the lumbering beat collapses. No, this is not just a ploy to win an honorary degree!

But choosing targets is important. In the excellently-titled “Maybe he’s born with it. Maybe it’s Betalline,” they have arrogated to themselves the privilege to perforate MY hide. To wit:

Rather, look to Genesis, and perhaps view it in the post-modernist way, as myth. ALL men are born as helpless, simpering, dependent betas, wheedling and whining for their daily sustenance. [We’re all born with our own best interests at heart and a yearning for our own survival – even if it means our mother’s death on ,the way out. We are born Alpha].

I’m insulted not because they disagreed with me (occasionally someone below my 165 IQ does have a point!), but because they refused to take up my offer of post-modernism, to view Genesis as myth. That’s a lot for a Patriactionary to give up. See, he then said:

In Adam, God created the first Man, the first Alpha, who could act with independence of thought, and plan for the future. Adam’s sons carried this alpha credo forward as they intermarried with the females who were not descended from this Godly spark. [I don’t care about fairy tales starring you and your imaginary friend. Lets keep it to science. Truth is subjective, so let’s search for facts.]

OK. First, we need to find out if you REALLY wrote something as pomo as “Truth is subjective, so let’s search for facts.” If truth IS subjective, why bother with facts? Your truth is your truth, my truth is mine, and there’s no need to try to convince me of anything, let alone found a “University of Man” to institutionalize any search for truth. I assume you meant objective; you’ll save me some work on part two if you did mean subjective there. Second, perhaps you’d care to interpret Scripture as literature, or myth? If you insist on discarding the wisdom of the ages, I have a prediction for the life of the alpha male you envision: nasty, brutish, and short, set upon by a pack of wanna-be alphas, beaten to death like a chimp who has lost favor (do I need to add the castration that  chimps add as a bonus?). Ow!

See, you do know what the loss of the Alpha/Adam (look up what Adam means some time, btw) line through fathers has cost:

By preying on young men’s Alpha-yet-youthful naivety and promising more attention from women (read more mating opportunities) if they learn to pedestalize, look like, and act like women, the betaization of the American male began. Feminists, unchallenged by Alpha fathers of yore, commandeered the system and introduced a whole new line of emotional cosmetics for men. Move over Maybelline, here comes Betalline.

I think our difference lies in the definition of Alpha. Start with this classic by Roissy, which he terms “Defining the Alpha Male.” Did you catch the feminist influence in terminology? How many times have they dehumanized us with calling us “white” (or, choose your favorite adjective) “males,” denying us the dignity of an unambiguous noun to follow that usual adjective, and yet here Roissy, the greatest philosopher of the Manosphere, avoids the obvious “defining the alpha MAN.” And this is where the difference begins to arise in our understanding: Patriactionaries are very much interested in restoring a Patriarchy of alpha men, but care far less for the society of alpha males.

To continue the point, one of my favorite bumper stickers of all time is: “Freud, Marx, Darwin: Two Down, One to Go.” Despite this, I can accept that Freud’s pseudo-scientific approach to psychology does form a decent matrix for analyzing the human mind. The idea of Id does seem to correspond pretty well to the demands of the limbic brain, that food-sex-shelter-conquest assortment we inherited from the reptiles. The Ego seems to match up well with the emotional mammalian brain in the cerebrum. The Superego, the governor on top of things, is unique to Man, and corresponds to the human-only cerebellum. (There is a great overview of the experimental research that backs this view in Baumeister and Tierney’s Willpower; I will make reference to it without quoting, as I read it three months ago.)

Reading your comments, it seems you identify alpha with things in our animal nature: things that define the alpha male. “We’re all born… with a yearning for survival.” God is a “fairy tale,” unknown to us and unknowable through creation and nature. “Men are natural born hunters and violent conquerors who naturally grow to discover that the best way to secure dominance is to simply remake the world (or at least their small corner of it) in their own image.”

But these are all id-specific. How much would I need to change about what you wrote to have it describe a lion, a hyena, or a rat (the latter of which is the only omnivore, like us)? There is nothing particularly MAN-ly about these; almost any mammalian male has them. I believe that understanding and embracing this id-based behavior is a necessary part of being an alpha man; it is not sufficient, however. At the end of the day, an id-based alpha man is an aloof asshole; a Patriarch, a man, will demonstrate amused mastery. I will illustrate this point with another patented generalization from personal experience: the tale of El Hombre and El Gordo.


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9 responses to “Response to Mentu I: Id ain’t alpha

  1. Professor Mentu

    May 17, 2012 at 8:20 am

    We may not agree on everything, but I know good writing when I see it. Whilst trolling though your blog, I kept wondering if my dad wrote it. That’s a compliment. Just added you to the UMan blogroll.

  2. okrahead

    May 17, 2012 at 11:45 am

    If you want an alpha “male” that’s not a man, consider the lion, king of the beats, who moves in, takes over another alpha’s harem by brute force, and immediately slaughters all cubs and juvenile males sired by the previous alpha. And yes, there are cultures in the world past and present where this sort of thing can be observed amongst homo sapien who discarded the notion of the “imaginary friend” we read about in Genesis.

  3. electricangel1978

    May 17, 2012 at 12:08 pm


    High praise, indeed, sir, given your description of your Dad’s Alpha qualities. It is also the source of your weakness: I doubt you can grasp the life of the boy raised by a beta dad. We’ll explore.

    Thanks for the blogroll add!

  4. electricangel1978

    May 17, 2012 at 12:10 pm


    I much prefer “Flying spaghetti monster.”

    Hilbert rejected proof by contradiction, but contradicting the existence of God does lead to a proof of sorts: deracinated, anomie-laden people adrift in a sea of what Houellebecq calls elementary particles.


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