Looking back 11 years

30 Dec

From ZeroHedge:
As ’11 Ends, 11 Charts Of 11 Disturbing 11 Year Trends
Click over and take a look at these simple charts. (Or instead you can get your news from the Main Stream Media and just wait for the good times to roll again.)

I really mean it! Go look at those charts at ZeroHedge!

Also I think this 12/30/2011 observation from Skip Danger is worth reading:

Why most people lose money ‘Investing’…..

Most people, who manage their own money, will lose it. It’s a proven fact. But why?

First, let me say, today, there is no such thing as investing. Investing implies that there is a future, that you are investing in the future. But we have no future. America is in a steep decline, a steep moral and financial decline. And it won’t hit bottom for many years. But there will be lot’s of ups and downs, opportunities, between here and there. Our goal is, simply, to buy assets that will go up in value, and sell assets that will go down in value.

That said, why do people lose? The main reason is because they have no ‘attention span’. Most people can not stay focused long enough to get on top. Often times, it’s not their fault. Maybe they work 40-55 hours a week and just don’t have time. Or, maybe they are retired and have too many other interests on their mind. Whatever the reason, it happens.

I have witnessed this many, many times, over the years: here at Skip Danger, and at the many sites I’ve visited. People will show an honest interest in investing for a few weeks or maybe a few months. Their torques will be wagging and their eyes wide open. But soon, they will disappear. Later you find out that they spent the money on a new boat, or maybe they lost it day-trading. They just didn’t possess the patience to wait for the climate to turn in their favor, they wanted ‘instant gratification’.

Here at Skip Danger, I offer folks a way to invest and still do their thing. I do all the work, all people need to do is stop by, it’s as easy as falling off a log. Keep in mind that no matter what the day-to-day noise is, on the forum, my official position is always right here:

Of course, I do very little day-trading, so if you demand that kind of action then I’m not for you. But if medium to long term gains are what you looking for, make Skip Danger your new years resolution.

“Happy New Year”

It is prudent to consider the state of the world. And I post this for the good men out there since I believe that in times of crisis, men are more apt to keep their heads about them and not panic (or at least less so). It is never good to ignore a threat and turn your back to it while hoping it will go away.

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One response to “Looking back 11 years

  1. Carnivore

    December 30, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    Shadow Stats – charts & numbers not fudged by the government. Some info available without a subscription. The “real” unemployment number, as it used to be calculated, is over 20%.


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