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If Cosmo magazine was written for men


From here. (Hat tip: infowarrior1.)


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Shouldn’t need ‘her permission’ for anything…

Found the following great cigar ad poster at Clash Daily:


A married man shouldn’t need ‘her permission’ for anything, of course…

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, boys – if that’s your thing. :)


1950s Brooklyn Men All Agree: Women Need To Be Spanked

Through Ray Sawhill, found this interesting piece of history, which causes progressive moderns to gasp, even while a novel like Fifty Shades of Grey wets millions of modern women’s panties.



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Irish writer tries to help a woman in a domestic dispute; gets assaulted

This is why it’s a good idea not to play hero and intervene in a domestic dispute:

A Connecticut man who assaulted acclaimed Irish author Colum McCann last month outside a hotel after the author tried to help the man’s wife following a domestic dispute has been charged.

Michael Mott, 34, of Oxford was charged with assault in the June 28 incident outside the Study Hotel in New Haven.

Mott confessed to assaulting McCann, 49, and turned himself in Monday evening, police said. They declined to elaborate.

McCann, the author of ‘Let the Great World Spin,’ was treated for significant facial injuries at Yale-New Haven Hospital.

Witnesses suggested McCann had tried to help a woman who was involved in a dispute in the hotel lobby, police said.

Police said Mott had a dispute with his wife after hotel staff told the couple the credit card Mott used didn’t have sufficient funds to pay for the room.

‘What we believe happened is that the victim tried to intercede in what appeared to be a domestic dispute between a man and a woman,’ Assistant Police Chief Archie Generoso told the New Haven Independent last week. ‘He saw a woman pushed to the ground. He tried to assist the woman.

‘He asked the woman if she wanted him to call the police. He urged her to do so. She said she didn’t want to call the police. The guy said, ‘It’s your decision.’ He turned around, began to walk away, and he was assaulted.’

McCann went outside where he was attacked, police said. Police say Mott punched McCann, who lost consciousness.

She didn’t want help – from him, or police.

All his interfering did, was result in him getting assaulted himself.

A lesson, in that, for would-be ‘heroes’ seeking to assist a ‘damsel in distress’.


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Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition: evangelical church gives away two semi-automatic rifles in a raffle for fathers on Father’s Day, in a bid to attract parishioners to Sunday worship

Attend our church; maybe win prizes! (And what a prize… Given away in church, no less…)

Because Word and Sacrament just ain’t enough for modern men…

Doing it all wrong! The linked article shows this is another dog-and-pony-show evangelical church, ‘heavy on live bands, tattoos, and everyman Jesus worshipping.’

Though to that, they add giving away guns and embracing of uber-macho bro-speak, calling some hypothetical (probably non-existent) whiners failing to set their alarms to get to church on Father’s Day morning then whining about not getting a chance to win the guns ‘pansies’.

To their credit, the article does point out they try to encourage married couples to have more sex. That’s all well and good, but are they targeting women with that message in particular? (Since they’re usually the ones responsible for the lack thereof, in terms of withholding it, using it as a bargaining chip, etc.)

Oh, and BTW, what the fuck is all this talk about zombies? They don’t exist! Why try to sell the merits of owning one of these raffled semi-automatic weapons on the basis of how well they could blow away mythical creatures that don’t exist (and, for that matter, are a sacrilegious parody of the doctrine of the resurrection of the body)?

C’mon! MAN UP and tell how well they blow away EVIL PEOPLE! Or are you too much of a ‘pansy’ for that?

(I jest, of course. I recognize that’s in poor taste. But I happen to think that not only is giving away prizes to attract people to church wrong, but giving away prizes of that nature just may possibly be the looniest idea ever, as well as the worst in poor taste… But I’m Canadian, so what the hell do I know, right?)


Men do not think about sex every seven seconds, as per the stereotype

We know this, but a lot of women today (and some men) buy into that supposed statistic.

It’s not true.

And even progs like the Atlantic Magazine now admit it.

The bit of research on such doesn’t even show that, and it’s all likely highly flawed, anyway, what with the observation no doubt influencing what is observed; i.e. you tell people you want them to make a note of how often they think of something, they’re liable to think about it more than they otherwise would.

So the ‘science’ itself is unreliable.

Throw that in the face of the next woman or male feminist who tosses that false stereotype out there.


NFL player fined and banned from team activities for disapproving of homosexuality

Will S.:

Re: what WK noted:

So, if you are Tim Tebow, everyone can insult you and make fun of you for being a Christian and for being chaste before marriage. But if you’re gay, then no one can even disagree with you on sexual issues.

Indeed. Should we give any money to such an organization? Should we pay for tickets to games, or patronize businesses supporting the NFL through TV and radio ads? (Remember what they do every October, too, making their players wear hot pink colours, etc.) Should straight Christian men continue supporting an organization that denigrates them and only celebrates and promotes others?

Originally posted on Wintery Knight:

From the Miami Herald.


The Dolphins swiftly and publicly reprimanded Don Jones late Sunday for his Twitter remarks critical of Michael Sam, fining him and barring him from team activities until he undergoes sensitivity training.

In a statement released by the team, Jones apologized for tweeting “omg” and “horrible” after seeing Sam sharing a celebratory kiss with his partner on national TV Saturday evening. Sam had just been drafted by the St. Louis Rams in the seventh round, becoming the first openly gay player selected by an NFL team.

[...]Although the Dolphins did not disclose the amount of the fine, the fact that they made the punishment public was significant. Dolphins coach Joe Philbin rarely discusses internal discipline with reporters but made it a point to condemn Jones’ words on official team letterhead Sunday night.“We were disappointed to read Don’s tweets during the NFL Draft,” Philbin said. “They…

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