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Will S.:


They needed more ‘Lebensraum‘, you see; hence their ‘Drang nach Osten‘ into the West Bank and Gaza…

Now, they preach genocide, and call for placing the Arabs into gas chambers…

The JDL is tone-deaf to irony, it seems…

(Hat-tip: oogenhand)

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Japanese woman 3D-prints a kayak made from a model of her vulva; gets arrested for obscenity

Will S.:

You really can’t make this shit up…

BTW, why are people so sloppy today they can’t tell the difference between a vagina and a vulva, and use the former name for the latter? Talk about a civilizational decline…

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LOL! :)


Tokyo-based artist Megumi Igarashi, 42, was arrested on Saturday for sending data that could be used to create 3D models of her vagina.

She had sent it to people who had donated money for a project to make a vagina-shaped kayak using a 3D printer.

The arrest made headlines in national media and triggered discussion on Japan’s obscenity laws.

Ms Igarashi also goes by the moniker Rokudenashiko, which means “no-good girl” in Japanese.

A police spokesman told AFP news agency she had distributed data that could “create an obscene shape”.

On her website, Ms Igarashi says she has made several pieces of art based on her genitals using a silicone mould, saying she wants to make vaginas “more casual and pop”.

The vagina “has been such a taboo in Japanese society… (it) has been thought to be obscene”, while penises are regarded as “part of pop culture”, she…

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American claims African land for daughter to become princess

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Daddy’s Little ‘Princess’!


A man from America has claimed a small patch of Africa, because his daughter wants to be a princess.

Jeremy Heaton told BBC Radio 5 live that he had travelled from Virginia with his flag to proclaim the area the “Kingdom of North Sudan”.

The area lies between Egypt and Sudan, is 800 square miles of arid desert and doesn’t belong to any country.

He says he has put official requests in with both nations but, as yet, neither has responded.

Mr Heaton told 5 live his daughter, Emily, took a “serious tone” and asked “if one day she would be a princess”.

“Being a father, I knew she was serious in her request,” he said. “I researched pieces of land that were unclaimed and was fortunate to discover it.”

To celebrate her seventh birthday he made the journey to what locals call Bir Tawil to make…

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‘Sugar Daddy University’ opens in New York City

Or ‘U Ho’, as I would abbreviate it. ;)


A new course is offering to teach women how to be the ideal ‘sugar baby’ in order to land a wealthy man.

Professional sugar baby Carla Abonia, 37, has been flown across the world and had wildly lavish gifts bought for her by rich men who can’t resist her company.

But she admits the relationships aren’t always straight forward, so has joined forces with her mentor, sugar daddy Alan Schneider, to form their Sugar Daddy University in New York.

The pair teach five key elements of being a successful sugar daddy or sugar baby through the curriculum – Sexuality, Understanding, Generosity, Attraction and Reciprocity.

They even have plastic surgeons – as well as relationship and financial experts – on hand to advise women how to look better as they or their sugar daddy invest in their appearance.

Carla turned to the sugar baby lifestyle after getting fed up with cheap blokes – one in particular would bring a KFC bucket to her house for dinner and leave her the leftovers.

She said: “He’d want to give me a kiss and would leave crumbs all over my mouth. As soon as I got rid of him I went straight on the internet and started researching.

“I think a lot of women can relate to each other in that way. We want to be treated well and that is where the sugar way of life comes from.

Yeah, that guy sounds horrible, buying more food than both of you can eat and letting you have the rest. And KFC; oh, the inhumanity! Better to whore yourself out so some rich guy instead. {/sarcasm}


Alan “Action” Schneider says there’s no shame in being a Sugar Daddy.

“Sugar Daddy relationships are ongoing, and they are as monogamous as other relationships, often more so,” he claims, “Many Sugar Daddy relationships evolve into marriage or long term committed relationships. They are based on spoiling and pampering… and what’s wrong with that?”

Considered one of New York’s biggest promoters of the trend that sees rich, older men hooking up with young women who want to be spoiled and supported, Schneider is renowned for throwing lavish Sugar Daddy parties.

And next month, he’s inviting wealthy bachelors to learn how to live the Sugar Daddy lifestyle at “the first-ever Sugar Daddy Symposium at newly launched Sugar Daddy University.”

It’s not really a bricks-and-mortar university, but a one-night event at 230 Fifth, a popular Manhattan nightclub.

”We will teach Sugar Daddies the secret to attracting, meeting, and creating long-term relationships with Sugar Babies.”

The event will feature a panel of relationship experts, TV and radio personalities, actual Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies, and representatives from the plastic surgery and real estate business, according to a media release.

Neither article reveals how much they’re charging…

I guess if you have to ask, you can’t afford it…


Teenager Takes His Great Grandmother to Prom

Because she didn’t get to go to her own.

Well, when some evangelical fathers and daughters dance together at ‘purity balls’, perhaps this isn’t completely surprising…

But it’s still weird and way beta.

I went to my high school prom by myself, as did some others; I wasn’t alone. No shame in that; better than taking an ancestor…

And I’m sorry (pardon my non-apology apology Canadianism), but ‘sweet’ as it may be to think of Great-Granny, it’s not her night; it’s yours…

Imagine if this were to catch on?



University of Wisconsin-Madison establishes post-doc in feminist biology

This is not satire, apparently.

Feminist biology — which attempts to uncover and reverse gender bias in biology — will be the focus of a new, endowed fellowship in the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“The program is the first in the nation — and probably the world,” says Janet Hyde, director of the campus Center for Research on Gender & Women.

The first post-doctoral fellow, Caroline VanSickle, is now completing her Ph.D. in biological anthropology at the University of Michigan. When her two-year fellowship begins in September, she plans to continue her research on female human ancestors by investigating changes in pelvis shape — and therefore childbirth anatomy — during the course of human evolution.

Her focus will be South African australopithecine species dating from 1.5 million to 3 million years ago. VanSickle will also teach gender and biology and develop a new course in the area.

Feminist biology aims to develop new theory and methods in biology that reflect feminist approaches, and “is raising new questions and suggesting novel solutions,” says Hyde.

“Feminist analysis in science has already revealed and challenged scientific errors resulting from gender bias on the part of scientists, including ways in which observer bias distorted our understanding of primate behavior,” Hyde adds. “Even on the cellular level, the biology of sex determination in the embryo was initially misunderstood because scientists assumed that the Y chromosome would have a leadership role.”

Hyde notes that the late Dr. Ruth Bleier of UW-Madison, a physician and neuroscientist, was a founder of feminist biology who wrote two essential books in women’s studies, including, in 1984, “Science and Gender: A Critique of Biology and Its Theories on Women.”

The Wittig Postdoctoral Fellowship in Feminist Biology is funded by a generous bequest from the estate of Gertraude Wittig. Born in Germany, Wittig earned her doctorate in zoology and botany from the University of Marburg in 1955. She came to the U.S. on a Fulbright Scholarship and later worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture as a researcher in insect pathology and electron microscopy.

At the USDA, and later on the biology faculty at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Witting worked tirelessly to encourage women to participate in the sciences. Although Wittig had no previous connection to UW-Madison, Hyde says, “She directed her gift to this university in recognition of the strength of the Department of Gender & Women’s Studies in focusing on the intersection of gender and science.”

Lysenkoism lives…


Fight Church


How can a tranny rape a dyke?

I have no idea, but one has been charged with such… Must still be in possession of a dick, one must conclude.

(BTW, if you still have a dick, doesn’t that just make you a transvestite, not ‘transgendered’, if you wear chicks’ clothes? I know nobody uses the term ‘transvestite’ any more, nor its successor ‘cross-dresser’, since the mainstream media decided we’re to refer to all such by the blanket term ‘transgendered’, but it sure allowed for more clarification as to exactly what exactly someone is; an asterisk after ‘trans’ explains nothing. Confusing.)


Jealous woman gets eight friends to help smash romantic rival’s house windows, beat her up, steal her purse, and empty a box of rats into her home

The lengths some women will go to in fighting over an alpha, eh? (*Update: Or maybe a beta provider…)

PHILADELPHIA – How do you get the attention of a girl who has everything – including your boyfriend?

One woman seeking revenge on a romantic rival smashed the windows of her South Philadelphia home and dumped a box of live white rats inside, police said.


In a long-running dispute over a man, the jealous lover and about eight other women friends used a baseball bat to break the glass and toss the rodents inside at about 11 p.m. Wednesday in the Grays Ferry neighborhood, Philadelphia police said.

The gang also punched the 30-year-old victim, inflicting cuts and bruises, and stole her purse containing identification and about $200, police said.

What I find incredible, is that she was able to convince eight of her friends to help her out, to be accomplices in her rather elaborate revenge plot.

I guess the boyfriend must have been worth it – they all agreed! :)

Bitchez be crazy…


Don’t do ‘open marriage’ – a cautionary tale

So there was this young married couple I knew, who I typically didn’t get to see all that often because they lived somewhere I didn’t (except last summer). Both Christians, at least by upbringing and church affiliation. I’d been friends with them for some time – not super close, but I’d stayed over at their basement apartment a couple times, had dinner there, had been around for birthday and other parties, and the like. A bit over a year and a half ago, I heard from a friend that their marriage was ‘on the rocks’, that she’d apparently been unfaithful to him. I didn’t see any obvious indication this was so, when I saw them once subsequently, but I trusted the source. I saw them again last summer; things seemed largely fine between them. In fact, they ended up buying a new house together that summer, out in the sticks. Looked like a good sign.

Recently, I learned that some three months or so after that, now six months or so ago, they split. She lives in the home; he got another apartment somewhere. She’d cheated on him again. In fact she has a new boyfriend, already – presumably the last guy she cheated with. He’s moved in with her, into her and hubby’s new home.

What I have learned, which I’d heard part of the details beforehand but only now know more of the picture, is that buddy had insisted on an ‘open marriage’, presumably because he wanted the freedom to have some ‘tail’ on the side. Wifey had accepted – whether reluctantly or not, I have no idea. Guess what? Far as I can tell, it ended up that it was easier for wifey to find guys than hubby to find gals – though I think they did find a gal once for a threesome; I once met a new ‘friend’ of theirs at a party who was flirting with BOTH of them, and I was sure they were grooming her for a threesome, though I could be wrong. (Previously, accompanying both of them to a dance club in their city, had noticed them both being flirtatious with others.) Anyway, though, turns out hubby couldn’t handle wifey getting strange cock; got jealous. And not entirely unreasonably, as it looks like she ended up getting feelings for the last guy, as women tend to do for men by whom they get schtupped. Now she and new boyfriend live together in the house that hubby helped pay for.

Don’t do it, brethren. Instead, “Rejoice in the wife of her youthmay her breasts satisfy you always.”

Not other women’s.

And never give her permission to have other men!

If you’re gonna marry, both be ‘all in’, just for each other. Else, why bother?


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