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‘Transgender’ Files Complaint Against Hobby Lobby for Denying Use of Women’s Restroom

Now progs have gotten a tranny to sic lawyers again on Hobby Lobby…

AURORA, Ill. – A Hobby Lobby store in Illinois is facing a discrimination complaint after a ‘transgender’ employee was told that he may not use the women’s restroom until he has reconstructive surgery to switch from male to female reproductive organs.

The employee, who goes by the name Meggan Sommerville, also professes to be a Christian. He has worked for Hobby Lobby since 1998, at which time he identified as male.However, in 2009, Sommerville began transitioning to look like a woman and changed his name. According to Sommerville, Hobby Lobby accommodated him by changing his gender in the company records and providing a name tag with his new name. He also states that company insurance covered part of his treatment, such as hormone therapy.

But Hobby Lobby drew the line when Sommerville began using the women’s restroom. Representatives at the Aurora location reportedly told Sommerville that he must use the men’s restroom until he has reconstructive surgery to obtain female genitalia.


Hobby Lobby is not commenting on the matter since it is pending, but others have expressed concern that homosexual and transgender groups may now seek to revoke the religious rights of companies like Hobby Lobby following its recent win in the Supreme Court.

Reports state that following the high court’s decision, “[s]everal major gay rights groups withdrew support … for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act that would bolster gay and transgender rights in the workplace, saying they fear that broad religious exemptions included in the current bill might compel private companies to begin citing objections similar to those that prevailed in a U.S. Supreme Court case…”

Matt Barber of says that he believes that the issues facing Hobby Lobby and others are essentially a war against Christianity.

“They’ve stopped pretending, folks. This is about criminalizing Christianity,” he wrote in an article published on Sunday entitled Left Moves to Outlaw Christianity. “The Hobby Lobby decision has merely made secular liberals forget themselves momentarily. It’s blown back the propagandist curtain to expose their truly sinister aims. Hobby Lobby hasn’t put the ‘culture war’ to rest. It’s taken a gavel to the ‘progressive’ hornets’ nest.”



Mike Schouten: Doctors should be allowed to opt out of providing birth-control pills or abortions

Mike Schouten: Doctors should be allowed to opt out of providing birth-control pills or abortions

Will S.:

As with the progs howling with outrage at the Hobby Lobby decision Stateside, so too do progs here in Canada want to force trads to violate their consciences.

Totalitarians, the whole lot of them.

Let’s hope and pray the CPSO does the right thing.

Originally posted on National Post | Full Comment:

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) is asking for public input as part of its regular review of policy guidelines. At issue in this current review is the right of doctors to refuse to provide certain treatments based on religious or moral grounds.

There will always be some tension between the moral convictions of an individual medical professional who adheres to his or her own worldview and the different procedures that are legally available in a pluralistic society. The current CPSO guidelines recognize this tension. In an effort to balance competing interests, the policy allows doctors to refrain from performing non-emergency procedures should the procedures violate their individual conscience.

It is always beneficial to review policies and guidelines, especially those pertaining to the health and wellbeing of Canadians. But the current review and discussion over CPSO guidelines is not about improving care for residents of Ontario. Instead…

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Three countries


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Alberta gives new birth certificate to 12-year-old ‘boy’ who was born a girl

That good ol’ western neo-con ‘right-wing’ oil-rich cowboys-and-rodeos province, Canada’s Texas, ruled by a ‘Conservative’ government, has done gone and advanced the cause of transgenderism:

A 12-year-old transgender Alberta boy has been granted a new birth certificate that recognizes him as male.

Wren Kauffman was presented with the new document on Sunday in Edmonton during a Pride festival brunch hosted by the city’s mayor.

The province’s culture minister, Heather Klimchuk, made the presentation.

A spokesperson for the minister says the new certificate simply has a “M” instead of an “F.”

Kauffman had filed a complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission over the inability to change the sex on his birth certificate.

Alberta law states that transgender persons must have reassignment surgery before they can change the sex on their birth certificates, but Premier Dave Hancock said in April that the surgery requirement will be dropped.

Wren, who was born a girl, had said it was stressful being listed as female.

A week after Hancock made the announcement, a judge ruled that the Alberta law dealing with birth certificates violates the rights of transgender people.

And as usual, they don’t have the guts to fight the courts by invoking the notwithstanding clause (only Quebec has that kind of guts). Or, more likely, they just don’t give a shit. Conservatives-In-Name-Only, as always…

Amazing how progressives (including gutless ‘conservatives’) think the State can, by the stroke of a pen, officially change the sex someone was born as, as if the State were God, and its pronouncements Divine Truth.

The hubris of cultural Marxists has no bounds, truly…


Declining your ballot

We just had a provincial election here today in Ontario, and as in 2007, I did not vote. (I did vote in 2011, because at the time, where I was living, there was a minor party candidate I didn’t mind voting for in protest – a Libertarian – but that wasn’t the case this time, nor was it in 2007.) There wasn’t anyone on the ballot I wanted to vote for; I didn’t like any of the parties running candidates. (For my thoughts on voting, see here and here.)

I didn’t just stay home, though; nor did I go then ‘spoil’ my ballot; instead I ‘declined my ballot’, which is something you can do in Ontario provincial elections.

So, as in 2007, today I turned up at my polling station, handed the polling officials my Notice of Registration card and a piece of ID, and when they checked to make sure I was indeed on the list of electors, then handed me a ballot, I handed it back to them and told them I was declining my ballot – and the deputy returning officer wrote ‘DECLINED’ across the top of the ballot; it and other ‘declined’ ballots will be recorded as such.

Unlike spoiled ballots, which can happen due to incompetence or stupidity (unable to fill in a ballot properly, though intending to), and unlike not bothering to turn up to vote, a declined ballot sends a ‘none of the above’ message, in my opinion.

It means, I’m not giving the system my endorsement, and I’m pointedly withholding it, because I don’t like any of the choices on offer.

It means they can’t accuse me of apathy, because I actually turned up, same as those who voted, but deliberately declined to choose anyone.

If enough people were to do it, the powers that be would be forced to reckon with it. Perhaps they’d give us some actual real choices…

This year, there apparently was a social media campaign to inform people about declining their ballot (hey, there’s a social media campaign for every POV on every issue); since it was spearheaded by a guy who used to work for one party, he’s been accused of discouraging people from voting to strategically help that party.

I don’t know nor care about that; I first declined my ballot in 2007, long before social media was what it is now.

Anyway, I can’t see that letting people know they can not only choose to not make a choice, but that they can do so in a way that gets recognized as being such a decision, truly helps any one particular party; on the contrary, it has the potential, just maybe, to bring down the entire rotten system.

Let it burn.

*Update: Here‘s an article from a Canadian Reformed magazine on declining your ballot.


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An Illustration of the Cost & Futility of the War on Drugs

Originally posted on Literate Comments:

“The Friday file: Since invading Afghanistan, the US has spent about $10 billion trying to eradicate poppy production. The result: in 2013 500,000 acres of poppies, a new record amount, were planted. Worse, the poppy planting that was eliminated occurred in places least hostile to the US, pushing more of the prolific and prodigious poppy planting production to Taliban controlled areas. Opium sales are worth $100 million/year to the Taliban.”

Elliot F. Eisenberg, Ph.D.
GraphsandLaughs, LLC
Cell: 202.306.2731

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Bike helmet law ‘sexist’, forces women to have ‘helmet hair’, says some stupid Aussie woman

And here I thought bike helmet laws were merely anti-freedom, not letting people make up their own minds as to whether they wished to protect themselves or not.

But no; some silly chick has found a ‘sexism’ angle:

An Australian woman is fighting back against her country’s compulsory bike helmet law, calling it sexist.

Sue Abbott of Scone, New South Wales, was fined $153 this week in Adelaide for not wearing her helmet, but it wasn’t the first time. She told Adelaide Now she has been fined a dozen of times but she refused to pay and police have even seized her bicycle and sold it to pay her fines.

“It is a very sexist law because a lot of women have maintained hairstyles and would end up with helmet hair — and women have told me that’s one of the factors (for not riding bikes),” she told the newspaper.

Always amusing when prog dogma such as ‘anti-sexism’ ideology clashes with progs’ nanny / police state…


Free Northerner and Vox Day are right, of course

Both have recent posts about the subject of marital rape, and its impossibility. (See here and here.) Vox’s post is in response to an Indian court ruling on the subject. Which ties into an episode from my past…

A couple decades ago, at university, I had a roommate from India; once we were watching the news on our common T.V., and something came up about a husband who’d been charged with raping his wife. The Indian fellow couldn’t understand our Western laws – “But she’s his wife! It can’t be rape, by definition!” At the time, I was still quite Blue Pill in my views, and I was appalled at what I thought was just a regressive, backwards, non-Western POV. Now, being Red Pill, I realize he was right, and that it is us decadent ‘progressive’ Westerners who are wrong, because of how much we’ve been infected by progressivism. Our ancestors would have agreed with that Indian guy – and this recent Indian court ruling – and Free Northerner, Vox Day, and I, in this matter.


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Spanish men forced by law to help with housework; soon children may be, too…

Did you know that in Spain, men are forced to help with household chores, by law?

It’s true.

However, it must not be working all that well, as they’re considering legislation forcing children to, as well…

Fair enough. Now they just need to codify the portion of household chores that women must do, and legislate that, too – and include mowing the lawn, gardening, and other chores outdoors, of course.

Like that would ever pass…


Man Loses Job, Gets Slapped With $525 Federal Charge for Mistakenly Taking $0.89 Soda Refill and Not Paying

Originally posted on Will S.' Anarcho-Tyranny Blog:


A construction worker from North Charleston, S.C., is jobless and saddled with a $525 federal citation for mistakenly taking a $0.89 soda refill he thought was free at the VA Medical Center in downtown Charleston.

The construction worker, Christopher Lewis, told WISTV that that the Wednesday incident was an honest mistake for which he tried to make amends by offering to pay the $0.89 for the soda refill when he was confronted by the Federal Police Force.

“Every time I look at the ticket, it’s unbelievable to me,” Lewis, told WISTV. “I can’t fathom the fact that I made a $0.89 mistake that cost me $525.”

A hospital spokesperson, however, called the incident “theft of government property.” The VA spokesperson said Lewis should have known the refill wasn’t free because there are signs all over the hospital informing patrons of the cafeteria to that effect.

Lewis said he never…

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