Obligatory Canadian blogger post on events in Ottawa yesterday

We need better security on Parliament Hill, esp. as regards entry into the buildings. I realize it’ll make it even more of a pain in the ass to visit; I had to wait for ages in a long line when I last visited there in 2012, and it will be even longer, but if need be, oh well. Better than altogether closing it to the public, as with Stormont in Belfast.

And why should we have guards at the National War Memorial? I visited it in 2013 and there certainly weren’t any the day I was there, so they’re not even stationed all the time. Why bother? I recall the incident of vandalization a few years back, but I’m not sure that warrants stationing ceremonial guards there; if it does, then arm them, for Pete’s sake! And station them 24/7, else it’s just for show – and not worth risking a soldier’s life.

As for homegrown folks converting to Islam and dreaming of joining IS, not sure what we can do to dissuade crazy folks. Maybe better to let them leave the country and renounce their Canadian citizenship over there, than revoke their passports here, as we know happened with the guy in Montreal who killed the Canadian soldier earlier in the week, who decided to carry out terrorism here instead, giving us two incidences of terrorism here in Canada in a week.

Let the fuckers go.


Singing nun chooses ‘Like a Virgin’ for debut

I don’t think she gets what it’s about.


A singing nun who won the Italian version of the The Voice has released a cover of Madonna’s Like a Virgin for her debut single.

Sister Cristina Scuccia, who won the singing contest in June, says she chose the song herself “without any intention to provoke or shock”, but says she is ready for any criticism. “It’s a song about the ability of love to make people new. To redeem them from their past. And that’s how I wanted to interpret it,” she tells the Catholic newspaper Avvenire.

No, it’s not.

Tarantino’s take on it strikes me as much more plausible.

I mean, this is Madonna we’re talking about here. Not some sweet innocent thing, as that poor sister is.


I’ve not been following the Texas gubernatorial election, but this is insane

From the Federalist:

It wasn’t enough for Wendy Davis, the Democratic candidate for governor of Texas, to claim that her opponent — who is wheelchair-bound — doesn’t care about disabled people. Now she and her campaign are claiming that Abbott might also want to ban interracial marriage.

There’s only one problem: Abbott’s wife Cecilia is Hispanic.


I thought the Republicans were the stupid party, and Democrats the evil one.

In Texas, seems the latter are both evil and stupid, these days.


Josh McDowell and Son: Christian Parents Can Help Children Develop Their Own Convictions on Faith by Not Answering Questions


CHARLOTTE – For Christian parents to pass on their faith to their children, they should not answer their children’s questions but respond with more questions to help their kids think through the issues themselves rather than rely upon their parents, famed Christian apologist Josh McDowell and his son, Sean McDowell, explained recently at the Southern Evangelical Seminary’s 21st Annual National Conference on Christian Apologetics in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In raising his four children, Josh McDowell explained that he tried to never answer their questions but to respond to them with another question because he wanted them to develop their own convictions rather than simply become Christians because their parents are Christian.

“I needed to teach my kids to think,” he said, “to think logically, to come to their conclusions. Because if there is always dad’s answer, then they couldn’t develop convictions.”

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

There isn’t supposed to be a ‘dad’s answer’ and a ‘son’s answer’ on points of doctrine; there should be a shared answer, what together, the community of which you’re both a part understands is the answer on something.

This is why traditions as varied as Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran, and Reformed, have all made use of catechisms and confessions to teach both old and young, within their flocks. That is why the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8 could not understand what he was reading in Isaiah without someone to guide him.

Individual interpretation can lead one astray; after all, “the heart is deceitful above all things.”

If your son asks for bread, should you give him a stone?

Of course not.

So, instead of throwing back a question at him, you say, “This is what we, collectively,  as (fill-in-the-blank) understand this passage to mean; here are some cross-references that support this interpretation; here’s what our tradition says this means.”

Of course, if you’re the head of your own ministry, like Josh McDowell, I suppose you can’t very well point to a tradition older than yourself. In which case, shoot, why not just say, “Because I said so, and I’m the boss around here!”, because that’s all you have to stand on. Which is not much.

I suppose I’ll give Josh McDowell this much: at least he did a better job of raising his son than Tony Campolo or Francis Schaeffer did, since the son is still relatively orthodox – for now, at least…

Yet he’s still leading others astray with his bad advice, which is unconscionable.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”, we are instructed.

Likewise, “But you must continue in the things which you have learned and been assured of, knowing from whom you have learned them, and that from childhood you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.


Mecca today has become more of a touristy destination, complete with pilgrims taking lots of selfies

Islam’s holiest city has capitulated to the forces of modernity. (Which doesn’t surprise me, given other examples of progressivism’s inroads into the Islamic world; see here, here, here, and here, for a few of them…)

From Chuck Shepherd’s ‘News of the Weird’:

“Selfie fever” has begun to sully the sacred Islamic pilgrimages to Mecca, according to scholars who complained to Arab News in September. What for centuries has been a hallowed journey intended to renew the spirit of Islam (that all Muslims are called upon to experience at least once) has become, for some in the so-called “Facebook era,” more resembling trip to Disneyland, with visitors to the Sacred Mosque texting friends the “evidence” of their piety. (Another scholar complained in a New York Times opinion piece in October that Mecca is often experienced more as a packaged tour by marketers, centered around Mecca’s upscale shopping malls rather than religious structures.) [Arab News, 9-30-2014; New York Times, 10-1-2014]



Guys – Don’t Marry a Diva, Girls – Don’t Marry a Guy Who Wins Women Over With Money

Will S.:

Original post here.

Originally posted on Literate Comments:

The Friday File: Economists studying marriage find that the more lavish the wedding the shorter the marriage. To be precise, the chances of getting divorced are 60% higher if the wedding cost more than $20,000 compared to less costly nuptials. Similarly, all else equal, the chances of getting divorced rise by 30% if the engagement ring cost between $2,000 and $4,000 compared to rings costing $500 to $2,000.

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Rural Prince Edward County, Ontario.

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