“Love & Respect – Dear Resident, Guest, Visitor, PLEASE DRESS MODESTLY. THIS IS A JEWISH NEIGHBORHOOD.”

Thus readeth some signs in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York.

l&rcrown-heights-jewish-sign-dress-modestly (2) crown-heights-jewish-sign-dress-modestly2 crown-heights-jewish-sign-dress-modestly3
I guess all the other folks in Crown Heights don’t count…

(Of course, this is a community that can punch well above their weight, in terms of their influence (though doubtless their high birthrate is helping their influence continue to grow, as ElectricAngel has recognized).)

Not that I object to encouraging the womenfolk to dress more modestly; I wish they would do so…

(Well, part of me does; part of me doesn’t; so it goes…)

But the Hasidim ought to realize that signs like this will be counter-productive, and inspire rebellion, instead…

Prog Heebs don’t like it… I’m sure the goyim don’t like it, either…

I wonder how long before we see similar signs on Bathurst Street in T’ronna


The pre-nuptial agreement that can end a happy marriage

What a stupid custom.

In the Arab world, when a man gets married he makes a payment to his bride’s family. However in parts of Yemen when a brother and sister from one family marry a brother and sister from another, dowries are often not paid – but this can have tragic consequences.

A young man approaches a friend to ask for his sister’s hand in marriage – in exchange for his own sister’s hand. This is “swap” marriage or “shegar” as it is known in Arabic, an ancient marriage custom still practised in Yemen.

The way it works is: “I’ll marry your sister, if you marry mine.”

But the other side of the bargain is: “If you divorce my sister, I’ll divorce yours.”

Swap marriage came about as a way to help poorer families avoid paying dowries, and that is still a big attraction to some families in Yemen today. A dowry can come to about $3,500 – even though most people earn less than $2 a day.


Many religious scholars oppose swap marriage and have declared it un-Islamic on the grounds that the dowry is an essential part of the Muslim marriage contract.

“The dowry payment is meant to provide women with some financial security as they leave their home,” Yemeni sheikh Mohamed Mamoun explains.

Indeed, and whatever we might think of dowries, at least they don’t require recipriocal divorces…

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Two different blondes fail the ’80 mph’ question

You’ve probably seen this one already, with the couple travelling from Logan, UT, to Boise, ID:

Here’s another, from recently, with another ditzy blonde, this one from Belfast, NI:


Sarah Palin doing what she does best, again: promoting Sarah Palin…

It’s the Sarah Palin Channel! (‘You betcha!’)


Naturally, her fans are delighted:




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The latest micro-aggression

From the Atlantic, of course:

We don’t give such nicknames to our male stars. There is J-Lo, J-Law, and ScarJo, but there is no “C-Tat” (Channing Tatum) or “WILF” (Will Ferrell).

Oh no!


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Father Knows Best: Eclectic Late July Edition

Farm in rural Hamilton Township; Northumberland County, Ontario.

Farm in rural Hamilton Township; Northumberland County, Ontario.

Wintery Knight: Friday night movie: Cyrano de Bergerac (1950); Friday night movie: Midway (1976)

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Linda Besner: More Awkward Than Ever

Calum Marsh: The Uniquely Repetitive World of Jim Jarmusch

John Michael McGrath: Is Competent Authoritarianism Too Much to Ask For?

Jacob Shamsian: J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis’ friendship will be the subject of a new film

Thomas Frank: Veiled Pensioners of the Mystic Sofa

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Gideon Lewis-Kraus: The Fasinatng … Frustrating … Fascinating History of Autocorrect

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Taki: Deutschland, Deutschland!; My Kind of Dragon; Cruising the Med

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R.J. Snell: Rollin Coal and the Empire of Desire

Dan Piepenbring: Bayou Medicine

Eugene Girin:  Italy Travelogue: Milan, Part I; Milan, Part II; Venice; Bergamo; Florence; Rome

Ray Olson: Why you should see the silents, part I

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Steve Sailer: A Better MacGuffin for “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”; Is “Planet of the Apes” Anti-bonoboist?; Johnny Winter, RIP; A Little Over the Top, But Still …; What It’s Like to be a Teacher: “Differentiated Instruction” by TeachBad

Shattered Light: Karitane, winter, low tide; Mist studies and slowing down a d800

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Rural Revolution: Prepping for Portland;  First day of sales

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Shouting Thomas: Why Use YouTube Backing Tracks?

Masculine Style: Summer 2014; What to Pack for a Business Trip

“Weird Al” Yankovic – Word Crimes

Trenton, Ontario.

Trenton, Ontario.

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Some Bible verses for your day

Isaiah 36:12

Ezekiel 23:20

Why don’t we ever read these verses in church?

Psalm 137:9

Why don’t we ever sing this in worship?

Just askin’.


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