The Darkness of Christmas

Will S.:

Hear, hear!

I’ve always liked a bit of darkness mixed into my regular Christmas music.

Originally posted on Not Equal But Different:

An interesting post at ipnovels that reminds us that sentimentality is not really what any of this is all about. I have always hated that and a lot of people take it as me being a party pooper or maybe even “depressed” (I am not “depressed”), but to me it is simply reality that I am willing to look at straight. Forced “joy” is no joy at all.

The author at the above link quotes J.R.R. Tolkien:

The writer J.R.R. Tolkien once wrote to his son about the death and resurrection of Christ creating a “Christian joy which produces tears because it is qualitatively so like sorrow, because it comes from those places where Joy and Sorrow are at one, reconciled, as selfishness and altruism are lost in Love.” May we allow ourselves to be lost in Love this Christmas, and pray that all those in darkness may be consoled…

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Marquette University suspends professor for defending student who opposes gay marriage

Originally posted on Wintery Knight:

Cheryl Abatte, Marquette University

Cheryl Abatte, Marquette University

Here’s the back story from Fox News.


Students who oppose gay marriage are homophobic, according to an audio recording of a Marquette University instructor who went on to say that gay right issues cannot be discussed in class because it might offend homosexuals.

I reached out to the 20-year-old student at the center of this outrageous episode and the story he tells should serve as a warning to anyone who thinks religious schools are safe havens for open discourse.

The story was first reported on a blog run by a Marquette University professor and was picked up by the good folks over at The College Fix.

The young man, who asked not to be identified, explained what happened when his ethics instructor, Cheryl Abbate, led a conversation in “Theory of Ethics” class about applying philosophical theories to modern political controversies. There were a list…

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Father Knows Best: Mid-December Edition

Near Carrying Place, Ontario.

Near Carrying Place, Ontario.

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memoirsandremains: But Kept None; Let me know; Or some fierce thing (Sonnet 23)

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Gabriel Hughes: Exodus: Gods and Kings — A Pastor’s Review

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Eve Tushnet: The Mother and the Monster: “The Babadook”

Forgotten Paths: The “Rape” of Bathsheba aka Hypergamy in the Bible; A Question of Identity

Gynocentrism and its cultural origins: Killing the Goose That Lays the Golden Eggs (1928); Bachelor Life With Freedom Looks Easier (1931); The Dream of Heroism and Love – by Johan Huizinga

Rural Revolution: Cash vs. cashless; An early Christmas present; Our Christmas tree


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“I brought home our new baby!”

Will S.:

(From this book.)

Originally posted on Enjoyment and Contemplation:

From a textbook on “women’s rights”:

“Much passion has been devoted to the following question.  Is childbirth and infant care for women only?  Or should fathers be encouraged to participate at all?”

Other than a couple of questions about the grammar (“Is our children learning?”), I agree, fathers should bear their fair share of the couple’s children.  It’s only fair!

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Pastor opens church in Buffalo Wild Wings



Beer, wings and the Gospel? An Alabama pastor thinks it’s a combination worth trying.

The Rev. Wesley Savage, a youth pastor at a local Methodist church, will start hosting services at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Hoover this Sunday in hopes of reaching potential parishioners who “wouldn’t go to a church,” reported.

The service will be called “The Stream.”

No need to worry about hot sauce staining the hymnals and Bibles.

Savage plans to host the 45-minute service before Buffalo Wild Wings opens for business. No beer will be served.

But the church will encourage patrons to stay for wings and sports.

“This is part of the partnership. We’ll help them with their business because they’re helping us,” Savage told

The Gospel. Brought to you by this business; be sure to patronize them!

From their facebook page:

The Stream is a new outreach of Riverchase UMC in Hoover, AL. Our mission is to provide a place where everyone is welcome and able to explore tough questions regarding God, their faith, and the world. In partnership with Buffalo Wild Wings, the Stream will be a destination of prayer and fellowship. Join us for Wings, Prayer, and Sports.

Okay, I got a tough question for you regarding God, the faith, and the world:

In light of the Fourth Commandment (non-Lutheran, Protestant numbering; see here and here), and also Christ’s overturning of the moneychanger’s tables in the temple, how can you justify encouraging people to violate the Fourth Commandment by patronizing a business on the Sabbath after the conclusion of the ‘prayer and fellowship’ (I did notice you didn’t say ‘worship’, so perhaps I should be thankful for small mercies, in that you’re not quite as badly wrong as you could be, and you could have chosen an even worse venue, i.e. here, here or here)?

Oh yeah; you can’t.






U.S. Army Reprimands Chaplain for Citing Bible in Suicide Prevention Training Session

U.S. Army Reprimands Chaplain for Citing Bible in Suicide Prevention Training Session.

FORT BENNING, Ga. – The U.S. Army has issued a “letter of concern” to a Georgia chaplain for citing the Bible during a recent suicide prevention training session.

According to reports, Col. David Fivecoat, the commander of the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade at Fort Benning, Ga., ordered Chaplain (CPT) Joe Lawhorn, to come to his office on Thanksgiving Day, at which time he presented him with the letter. Fivecoat expressed concern over the content of the session with the 5th Ranger Training Battalion at the University of North Georgia.

According to the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, during the training session at issue, Lawhorn spoke about his past personal struggle with depression when he was a ranger, and explained that he overcame the condition after considering the example of King David in the Scriptures. He also provided other generic resources that he thought may be helpful to those attending the session.

“During this training, you advocated, or were perceived to advocate, for Christianity and used Christian Scripture and solutions,” the letter from Fivecoat read. “This is in direct contrast with Army Regulation 600-20 and violates the Army’s Equal Opportunity Policy.”

He then strictly informed Lawhorn that he needed to be more diverse in this thinking.

“As the battalion chaplain, you are entrusted with the emotional and spiritual well-being of the soldiers in the batallion,” Fivecoat wrote. “You, above all others, must be cognizant of the various beliefs held by diverse soldiers. During mandatory training briefings, it is imperative you create an environment of tolerance and understanding.”

He advised Lawhorn that the letter would be placed in his local personnel file for up to three years, but stated that Lawhorn had several days to submit a response, after which Fivecoat would either file or withdraw the letter.

But the Alliance saw nothing wrong with Lawhorn’s presentation, so it responded to Fivecoat on the chaplain’s behalf.

“Chaplain Lawhorn did what good chaplains do; he was candid, genuine and authentic,” wrote Alliance Director Chaplain (Col.) Ron Crews, USA Retired. “He spoke from first person to let his soldiers know that he too deals with depression.”

“Revealing his personal struggle with depression required a large measure of courage and mutual trust,” he continued. “His story involves his faith journey. … I also remind you that his use of his faith journey is covered by the Right of Conscience clause…”

Crews asked that Fivecoat’s “letter of concern” not be placed in Lawhorn’s file.

“No chaplain should be threatened for doing exactly what a chaplain is supposed to do,” Crews added in a recent press release about the matter. “Chaplains bare their souls for their soldiers to help them with crises they may be going through. That’s what chaplains do. Chaplain Lawhorn should be commended not condemned.”

A final decision has not yet been issued as to whether the Fivecoat will stand by or rescind his letter.


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