Prominent Atheist Organization Closely Tied to Abortion Industry

Prominent Atheist Organization Closely Tied to Abortion Industry.

Not surprising that hatetheists support abortion, but interesting to see such close ties between the two…

MADISON, Wisc. – A prominent atheist organization that routinely challenges Christians in court was founded with close ties to the abortion industry, according to recent reports.

Since 1978, the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has promoted secularism and advocated for the so-called “separation of church and state.” The organization regularly challenges references to God or the Bible in schools, military bases, and other government-affiliated places.

As previously reported, FFRF has seen multiple victories in its fight against religion. In the past few months alone, the organization has been responsible for the censoring of God-honoring historical plaques, the suspension of a football coach who prayed with his team, the removal of Gideon Bibles on a college campus, the banning of coach-led prayers at a high school, the removal of Scriptures from a high school sculpture, and the distribution of anti-Christian materials in public schools.

As the FFRF’s crusade against religion continues, recent reports have revealed that the organization has had close ties to the abortion industry ever since its inception. According to a report from Madison’s Isthmus newspaper, Anne Gaylor founded FFRF in 1976 as an offshoot of the pro-abortion movement.

“[FFRF] grew out of the reproductive rights movement after the Gaylors saw legislative hearings packed with Catholic nuns, priests and schoolchildren and concluded religion was the root of women’s inequality,” Isthmus reports.

In addition to the FFRF, Gaylor co-founded the Women’s Medical Fund (WMF)—an organization whose sole purpose is to fund abortions. According to the Wisconsin State Journal, the WMF provides abortion support for pregnant women of all ages, including many young girls.

“Of the 632 women the fund has helped so far this year, 147 were teenagers,” Gaylor once wrote in a fundraising letter to the organization’s supporters. “Of these, nine were only 13 years old, and one, not yet a teen, was just 12!”

So far, the WMF has financed over 20,000 abortions in Wisconsin. The FFRF, which has reportedly received grants from the WMF, praises the fund as “the largest continuously operating independent all-volunteer abortion fund in the nation,” saying “[a]lmost 100% of donations go directly to pay for abortion care.”

Gaylor, who authored a book titled Abortion Is A Blessing, has long been recognized as a leading advocate of abortion. In 2011, she received the Dr. George Tiller Memorial Award—named after the infamous abortionist who became known as “Tiller the Baby Killer.”


San Francisco’s University of California Launches First Online Abortion Class

San Francisco’s University of California Launches First Online Abortion Class.

SAN FRANCISCO – The University of California’s San Francisco campus has launched the nation’s first-ever online abortion class, creating both interest and outrage across the nation.

“Abortion: Quality Care and Public Health Implications” is a six-week free class being offered by the university through Coursera, and is to be taught by “over twenty faculty from various institutions and multiple disciplines [who] will place abortion within the context of public health and fill in the gaps left by its exclusion from mainstream curricula in health professions.”

“Each week’s lectures will incorporate the stories of women who seek abortion in order to better portray abortion significance and rationale,” the course description further outlines. “Other topics will include a brief history of abortion, the clinical aspects of medication and procedural abortions in and after the first trimester, an overview of patient-centered abortion-care, the basics of abortion counseling, the professional obligations of health care practitioners to ensure that women have access to safe abortion care, and the maze of restrictions that make safe abortion care inaccessible to many women.”

It also claims that abortion “has lower morbidity and mortality than childbirth” when performed in sanitary conditions, but that “nearly half of the abortions done in the world are unsafe, according to the WHO definition.”

Abortion has “lower mortality than childbirth”? No; it has infinitely higher mortality, since every abortion results in at least one dead human being.

And they’re ALL unsafe to the unborn children being murdered, everywhere around the world.

According to reports, approximately 3,000 students have already registered to take the class.

“I think that if we can inspire even a small portion of the people who take the course to take steps in their communities to increase access to safe abortion and decrease stigma about abortion, then we have been totally successful,” instructor Dr. Jody Steinauer, associate professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences at the university, told The Daily Beast. “[UCSF is] 100-percent supportive of the course and feels that it’s critical learning content for all medical students and nursing students.”

Yes, no doubt they’ll be successful in indoctrinating more Millennials with their murderous prog ideology…

But Donna Harrison of the American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists that most medical professionals refuse to perform abortions because they are opposed to the practice, not because of a lack of education on the subject.

“Any OBGYN knows how to empty a uterus at any stage,” she said. “It’s just that most OBGYNs recognize that there are two patients [mother and child].”

“As a 2012 graduate of University of California, San Diego, I cannot help but shudder at the thought of taxpayer dollars being funneled to an online course that aims to brainwash future UC graduates,” Town Hall’s Gabriella Hoffman also commented. “Fellow UC students will solely hear the pro-abortion side and be unaware of abortion’s implications for both unborn babies and pregnant women.”

Yes, the tab for prog indoctrination / agit-prop being picked up by the taxpayer, of course.

After all, it ain’t a proper anarcho-tyranny unless you make your opponents pay…


New York Man Who Attacked Police With Hatchet Was Muslim Convert

New York Man Who Attacked Police With Hatchet Was Muslim Convert.

NEW YORK – A New York man who attacked a group of police officers with a hatchet this week has been found to have been a convert to Islam who studied beheadings and had a disdain for America and Christians.

Zale Thompson, 32, charged a group of four New York City police officers with a hatchet on Thursday as they were posing for a photograph. He struck Joseph Mecker, 24, in the arm and dealt Kenneth Healey, 25, a blow to the head. Mecker was treated at the hospital and released, but Healey remains in critical condition.

Thompson was shot dead on the scene by the other officers that witnessed the attack.

During a news conference on Friday, Police Commissioner William Bratton and NYPD Deputy Counterterrorism Chief John Miller declared the incident a terrorist attack. They outlined that Thompson had converted to Islam two years ago and had studied beheadings and other Islamic material online prior to the incident.

“The fact that he was walking around with a hatchet in the backpack makes it clear this individual had some sense of preparation,” Bratton stated.

“It appears, just from the electronic forensic piece of this, that this is something he has been thinking about for some time and thinking about with more intensity in recent days,” agreed Miller.

Some state that video footage of the attack shows Thompson staking out the officers from afar before pulling the hatchet from his backpack and then charging them with the weapon.

The FBI examined Thompson’s online activity on Friday and found that he had a disdain for Christians and westerners. He reportedly had made comments on Facebook and YouTube that characterized white Christians as being “aggressive and violent” and spoke against the “Christianized Negro” for becoming adherents of the religion “his slave master gave him.”

“If you’re looking for ‘perfect’ Muslims who never make any mistakes in their Jihad, then you will be looking in vain!” he wrote. “If the Zionists and the Crusaders had never invaded and colonized the Islamic lands after WW1, then there would be no need for Jihad! Which is better, to sit around and do nothing, or to Jihad fisabeelallah?”

Thompson also was upset about reports of police brutality and has a criminal history that includes six previous arrests.

“I’m very comfortable this was a terrorist attack,” Bratton stated, though noting that he would describe Thompson as being “self-directed in his activities” since he did not have any ties to ISIS or any particular group.

Just like that killer in the Oklahoma beheading incident; just like the two French-Canadian converts who murdered Canadian soldiers last week

Homegrown Islamic terrorism seems like more of a problem these days than the regular kind…


Seminary to Adjust Bylaws to Allow for ‘Flexibility’ in Admitting Non-Christian Students

Seminary to Adjust Bylaws to Allow for ‘Flexibility’ in Admitting Non-Christian Students.

FORT WORTH, Texas – A Texas theological seminary, which trains Christian men for ministry, has announced that it will adjust its bylaws to allow for greater “flexibility” in the admittance of non-Christian students following controversy surrounding the enrollment of a Muslim man.

(See here.)

However, some state that allowing Muslims and those of other faiths—or no faith—into the school’s programs cannot be considered a proper or biblical way to evangelize.

“I know some people will … [say] … ‘It’s about evangelism! Don’t you believe that our seminaries should be in the prisons leading people to Christ by offering Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, neo-Nazi’s, and all other people of faith (or non-faith) the opportunity to enroll in theological educational courses provided by our seminaries?” Wade Burleson of Istoria Ministries wrote. “Answer: ‘No.’ Let me make that ‘A resounding no.’”

“Our seminaries should be training Christian men and women how to go into the prisons and lead people to Christ,” he said.

“All of us want to see our Muslim and Mormon friends come to faith in Christ for their salvation and deliverance,” Burleson also commented in June when the controversy first erupted. “[However], the place for evangelism to take place is not the seminaries Southern Baptists have set aside to train gospel ministers and missionaries.”

“We are far more effective fulfilling the polices of the Southern Baptist Convention and the charters and policies of our seminaries by training Christians for gospel ministry and then sending them to places where Muslims are, than we are by violating policies and bringing Muslims and Mormons to where our gospel ministers and missionaries are being trained,” he said.

Hear, hear!


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What? Not gluten-free, too? ;)

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Obligatory Canadian blogger post on events in Ottawa yesterday

We need better security on Parliament Hill, esp. as regards entry into the buildings. I realize it’ll make it even more of a pain in the ass to visit; I had to wait for ages in a long line when I last visited there in 2012, and it will be even longer, but if need be, oh well. Better than altogether closing it to the public, as with Stormont in Belfast.

And why should we have guards at the National War Memorial? I visited it in 2013 and there certainly weren’t any the day I was there, so they’re not even stationed all the time. Why bother? I recall the incident of vandalization a few years back, but I’m not sure that warrants stationing ceremonial guards there; if it does, then arm them, for Pete’s sake! And station them 24/7, else it’s just for show – and not worth risking a soldier’s life.

As for homegrown folks converting to Islam and dreaming of joining IS, not sure what we can do to dissuade crazy folks. Maybe better to let them leave the country and renounce their Canadian citizenship over there, than revoke their passports here, as we know happened with the guy in Montreal who killed the Canadian soldier earlier in the week, who decided to carry out terrorism here instead, giving us two incidences of terrorism here in Canada in a week.

Let the fuckers go.


Singing nun chooses ‘Like a Virgin’ for debut

I don’t think she gets what it’s about.


A singing nun who won the Italian version of the The Voice has released a cover of Madonna’s Like a Virgin for her debut single.

Sister Cristina Scuccia, who won the singing contest in June, says she chose the song herself “without any intention to provoke or shock”, but says she is ready for any criticism. “It’s a song about the ability of love to make people new. To redeem them from their past. And that’s how I wanted to interpret it,” she tells the Catholic newspaper Avvenire.

No, it’s not.

Tarantino’s take on it strikes me as much more plausible.

I mean, this is Madonna we’re talking about here. Not some sweet innocent thing, as that poor sister is.


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